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Ambiguous Outlook of Sudan under Military Rule

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on the Middle East and Africa Affairs, commenting on the “return to power” or military coup in Sudan said: This is a serious blow to the hope of the people for the return of democracy in the African country.

Role of External Players in Sudanese Coup

Strategic Council Online- Interview: Former Iran’s cultural counsellor to Sudan stated that we witness interventions from the U.S., Zionist regime, and some of Persian Gulf countries in Sudan’s coup. He said:” It seems that the military establishment in Sudan intends to maintain their presence in power and thus to proceed with a compromise plan with the Zionist regime and to keep their thorough supremacy over internal and state affairs”.

Complexity and Consequences of Political Developments in Myanmar

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Former Iranian ambassador to Thailand, analyzing the coup in Myanmar, commented on the complexity of the scene and predicted that when the military dominates in that country, it usually would not relinquish power easily.

Reasons for Trump’s Stubbornness in Peaceful Transfer of Power

Strategic Council Online – Donald Trump’s recent remarks on lack of commitment to a peaceful transfer of power can be evaluated from two aspects; one related to the nature and the rules of the elections in the United States and the mail-in elections process in that country, and the other related to his personal and psychological characteristics that he is not prepared at all to accept defeat.
Amir Ali Abolfath – Expert on American Affairs

US Interventions in Iraq & Lebanon during Corona Crisis

Strategic Council Online: “The United States is trying to undermine the authority of the central governments in Lebanon and Iraq by open interference in the internal affairs of these countries and creating guided anarchy in the Axis of Resistance,” said a former ambassador and analyst on Middle East affairs, referring to US actions in Iraq and Lebanon as the two states were wrestling with the coronavirus crisis.