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Consequences of Tensions between Russia & NATO

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Tension between Russia and NATO has entered into new stage during the recent months. Verbal assaults of NATO and EU members against Russia continue in different ways. Russia opponents believe that Putin who misses the former Soviet Union is recreating Russian influenced region in the East. As they believe, he who considers the dismemberment of the Soviet Union as Geopolitical Tragedy knows that he intends to review the post-Soviet Union international order and acquires his clout over the former Soviet Union republics.
Mahmoud Fazeli, Analyst of International Issues

Perspective; Escalation of Tensions between Russia & the U.S. on Ukraine

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on international affairs commented on the last situation of tensions between Russia and the U.S. on Ukraine as saying:” new tensions between Russia and the U.S. started about a year ago. However, the crisis on Ukraine dates back to 2014 when in the course of unrests took place in Kiev, the capital, with the assistance of Western-oriented forces in the country, Victor Yanukovych, the president was forced to resign and a Western-oriented government took office in Ukraine”.

French Middle East Policy & Its Utilitarian Role in Nuclear Talks

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: After the conclusion of French weapons deal with the UAE, we witnessed a wave of internal and external critiques which assessed the French military attitude contrary to human rights attitude of the European Union, but due to some reservations, the European Union affiliated institutions remained tight-lipped in this respect.
Dr. Abbass Sarvestani, Graduated in European Studies, Tehran University

Challenges Facing Britain with Full Implementation of Post-Brexit Customs Regulations

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Europe affairs said that the Boris Johnson administration will definitely face serious challenges in enforcing customs regulations to control imports and exports to Britain, adding: The European Union does not seem to be willing to make concessions to Britain over Northern Ireland, and it is ultimately London that will have to make many considerations about how to create customs barriers between the two Irish borders.

Activism in Countering International Sanctions

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The recent advisory ruling of the European Court of Justice on the complaint file of Bank Melli Iran against Deutsche Telekom for breach of contract with the bank shows that US international sanctions against Iran are very effective and influential. While underlining the importance of efforts for returning to the path of interaction with the world, it is necessary that countermeasures should be also placed on the active agenda of the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs until the time when sanctions are lifted. Therefore, this question remains important that how sanctions should be dealt with in relation to other countries, especially Europe, including those dealing with small and medium-sized European companies that are not subject to US sanctions?
Reza Majidzadeh – Director of Simorgh Development Working Group, Pasargad Millennium Plan Think Tank

Consequences of the U.S. & Russia Withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Rising tension between the U.S. and Europe from one hand and Russia from the other hand within the recent years and months, Western parties with the U.S pivotal role are making effort to further contain the Russian economic and military influence.
Abed Akbari- Expert of International Affairs

Behind the Scenes of Suspension of Turkey’s EU Membership Talks

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert of Turkey affairs, commenting on the decision of the Council of Ministers of the European Union to block the talks on Turkey’s membership in the Union said: Turkey had separated its path from Europe many years ago and had not, and still does not have, any hope in the outcome of the talks on joining the EU. Perhaps for the same reason such a decision now would not result in a major change in the nature of Ankara’s foreign relations with the West.

Severe Asylum Crisis on Poland-Belarus Border, EU’s Anti-Human Rights Approach

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An analyst of Europe affairs, while pointing to the dire condition of asylum seekers and human rights abuses in Europe against them, said: Far right-wing tendencies and partisan and national interests are very strong in the behavior of the EU which has endangered the lives of many asylum seekers.

Turkey Faces Difficult Economic Conditions

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Success of the Justice and Development (AK) Party, led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was due to economic growth and improved living conditions of the people, which had made the party and its leadership victorious in all the electoral process over the years, but the protests and public reactions in all walks of life and rising unemployment in Turkey, even among the Justice and Development Party supporters, are seen as a factor in reducing Erdogan’s popularity and his failure in realizing his promises.
Dr. Qadir Golkarian – Professor, Near East University, Cyprus

Nicaragua; External Pressures; Internal Hopes

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Nicaragua’s nationwide elections were held to elect a presidential couple and 92 members of the National Assembly (Unicameral Parliament) and 20 parliamentary members of the Central America (PARLACEN). President Daniel Ortega, the incumbent president, and his wife and deputy, Ms. Rosario Murillo, ran as candidates for the ruling Sandinista Liberation Front (FSLN) with candidates from six other parties. According to the High Electoral Council, the ruling Sandinista party led by Ortega won the election for the fourth time with 75% of the votes. The turnout in this round of the elections was 65%.
Mahmoud Fazeli – International affairs analyst

Iron Wall Policy & Human Rights Claims in Europe?!

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: A new wave of migration has been formed in the eastern borders of the European Union once again in recent days. Immigrants from predominantly crisis-hit countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria are trying to reach the EU member states, but what seems different this time from other cases is Europe’s finger of accusation which is pointed at Belarus.
Hossein Sayyahi – Researcher on international affairs

Blurred Perspective of Russia-West Relations

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many in the West thought that the Russians were interested in joining the Western world and would become more like Europeans and Americans, but it soon became clear that centuries of Russian history has given shape to a distinct and unique understanding of the position of that country in the world. Moscow now considers its security zone not the borders of the Russian Federation, but the borders of the Soviet Union, and demands that the United States and Europe accept it.
Alireza Thamoudi -Expert on Europe Affairs

Perspective; Spiraling Tensions between Poland & European Union

Strategic Council Online-Interview: Having stated that it seems the “honey moon” of statesmen of peripheral countries of Europe to the European Union has finished, a university professor said: “If the Polish government wants to insist on exiting the European Union, it will face expanding and widespread internal riots in which the youth will play a pivotal role”.

Post- Brexit challenges for Britain

Strategic Council Online—Interview: The former Iranian ambassador to Ireland says that Britain is not trying to fully resolve the existing crises regarding the Brexit, and especially the issue of Ireland, and uses it as a lever of pressure and instrument, adding that the country will use all its tools and facilities to prevent the re-union of the two Irelands so that it can implement its policies in the region.

Post-Brexit Challenges for Britain and European Union

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An analyst of European affairs saying that the post-Brexit had an impact on the shape of Britain’s bilateral relations with other EU countries, added: Brexit has been a lose-lose game for the EU and Britain.

EU and Energy Crisis

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The European Union is currently facing an unprecedented rise in energy prices which could hamper economic recovery after the Coronavirus epidemic in the Union, limit household incomes, and even challenge the so-called green transition. A set of market, geographical and political components has created the current unfavorable conditions.
Alireza Thamoudi – Expert on European affairs

Intensification of Tensions between Russia –NATO; behind the Scene

Strategic Council Online- Interview: Concerning the recent tensions between Russia and NATO which took place followed by the expel of eight diplomats of Russian Representation in Brussels, an expert on the European affairs said:” The U.S. and Eastern European countries have always been and are still seeking for a pretext to heat up the cold war with Russia. Therefore, expelling the Russian diplomats from European capitals and recently Brussels is interpreted within the escalated tension level kept with Russia and not to marginalize the issue of relations with Russia in the European Union.

Post-Brexit and the crisis of fuel shortage in the UK

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An analyst of European affairs says that the situation in Britain after the Cold War and with the change in US foreign policy priorities is not such that it can cooperate with the United States in all areas, adding that after leaving the European Union, Britain seeks to implement the policy of a “global Britain” and will certainly try to establish itself as a great power in Europe and on the world stage after leaving the European Union.