SCFR President Dr. Kamal Kharazi stated in the meeting: The Axis of Resistance owes its successes to the policies of Imam Khomeini (RA) and its continuation under the guidance of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution. He added that the calculated decisions of Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Hezbollah has strengthened Hezbollah’s position and resistance in the region.

The President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, commemorating the memory of Martyr Qassem Soleimani, the late commander of the Quds Force, stated: Martyr Soleimani’s support for the Hezbollah and the Resistance, with his deep insight and courage, has projected an eye-catching future for the Resistance.

Dr. Kharrazi added, however, that Trump’s wrong policies and Netanyahu’s hardline manner, which targeted the identity, honor, and dignity of the Palestinians were instrumental in boosting the resistance of Palestine so that in the 12-day war all the Palestinians including the residents  of Gaza, the West Bank, and residents of the 1948 Occupied Territories voiced unanimous support for Operation Saif al-Quds (Sword of al-Quds), which in turn contributed to popular support for the Palestinian resistance around the world and to the condemnation of Israel.

Elsewhere in his statements, Dr. Kharazi noted that the liberation of Marib in Yemen will be marked as the key to end the Yemeni crisis and will play an instrumental role in starting regional negotiations and consultations.

Sheikh Naim Qassem, Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah also explained Hezbollah’s strategy against Israeli aggression and noted that the United States is using the Zionist regime as a leverage to achieve its goals in the region.

He described the change of government and the coming to power of Joe Biden as merely a tactical change in pursuit of US strategic goals in the region. Citing US efforts to disarm Hezbollah, he said “the United States has not achieved any of its goals in Lebanon and Hezbollah is ready for any scenario.”

Emphasizing that Hezbollah is stronger than ever, Sheikh Naim Qassem pointed to Hezbollah’s response to the Zionist regime’s attack on Lebanon Thursday: “Hezbollah is fully prepared to reply to the Zionist regime’s military attacks on Lebanon.”