Dr. Kamal Kharrazi Sunday met with a delegation of senior Hamas leaders headed by Sheikh Saleh Al-Aruri, vice president of the Hamas Political Bureau, and discussed the most important issues related to the Resistance and the latest developments in Palestine.
Dr. Kharrazi praised the resilience of Palestinian militants, especially Hamas fighters and said: “Under the presidency of Donald Trump, anti-Palestinian policies both from the United States and some of its Arab allies have become transparent and therefore the way ahead is quite clear”.
The Hamas delegation reported on defensive capabilities of the Resistance, the Palestinians’ perspective on the American scheme known as the “Deal of the Century”, and the situation in the Holy Quds and Gaza.
The SCFR president reiterated that continuation of the resistance guarantees victory over the usurpers of the Holy Quds. Pointing out the open hostility of the United States towards the Palestinians, Dr. Kharrazi noted: “Contrary to the pretensions we have witnessed in the course of the Oslo Accord and the subsequent periods of negotiations, today the policies of the White House are pursued so openly that no group can overlook its anti-Palestinian plots.
Dr. Kharrazi voiced regret that the leaders of certain Arab countries have accepted any humiliation and undergone the domination of the United States and are on the path of establishing relations with the Zionist regime. “The important thing in the path of Resistance is (to make sure) not to miss the right strategic direction and differentiating between friends from foes due to their tactical actions.
Al-Aruri conveyed the warm greetings of Ismail Haniya, head of the Hamas Political Bureau, and appreciating the Islamic Republic of Iran’s never ending support for the Palestinian cause, said: “On the path to the struggle against the Zionist regime and the arrogant powers, we are on the same path with Iran and believe in the divine promise, based of which, we have offered thousands of martyrs for the liberation of Quds.”
He said the US goal behind forging the “Deal of the Century” was to serve the interests of the Zionist regime and its own interests in the region. “The countries that seek to sacrifice Palestine and the aspirations of the peoples of the region have become the agents to implement the deal. Nevertheless, the Resistance despite financial, political, and military sanctions is aware of its role in confronting the “Deal of the Century” and will not allow it to materialize.