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US strategy to enhance its “soft influence” in Iraq

Strategic Council Online—Editorial: In recent years, Americans have devised and enforced numerous programs and measures to expand and deepen their “software influence” in Iraq. That the US government, in the new round of “security talks” with Baghdad last summer, raised cultural and educational issues and topics related to the youth and families, and describe them as one of the key security talks with Iraq, suggests that the US administration is expanding its “soft and cultural influence” in Iraq in parallel with reducing or managing its military and hardware presence.
Hamid Khoshayand—International affairs analyst

Objectives of Tense Actions of Trump’s Team on Final Days in White House

Strategic Council Online – An analyst at the Center for Strategic Studies of President’s Office said that those in the US administration who think of Israel’s interests will be happy to see a military confrontation with Iran on the last days of the Trump administration, adding: Trump’s team is trying to push political relations of Iran and the United States to a point of bitterness and tension the severity of which would not allow Mr. Biden to formulate a successful diplomacy with Iran.