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British Anti – Human Rights Measure in Deporting Asylum Seekers to Rwanda

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Having stated that the behavior of the British government in deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda is a blatant violation of international conventions, an expert of European affairs said:” Now, that Britain has been tested for her behavior on asylum seekers, it proved it cannot admit even such a small number of them”.

Consequences of Energy Embargo on Future Power & Economy of Russia

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A university professor, saying that if predictions made about the state of the Russian economy are realized, its economy will gradually be grounded, adding: Under such circumstances, there will be no change in the polarization of power in the international system, unless Russia is faced with developments like those in the Gorbachev era which is unlikely to happen.

Strategic Agreement of China-Solomon Islands, US Concern

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on the US affairs, commenting on China’s security agreement with the Solomon Islands, said: Security agreement between the presidents of the Solomon Islands and China, which was signed on April 19 was a strategic agreement between Beijing as a major world power and a small island nation that would undoubtedly have global consequences.

New British Approach to JCPOA

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: In recent weeks, Britain has backed the nuclear deal with Iran by changing its previous positions. According to the spokesman for the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the main reason for that is the desire to establish economic relations with Iran as soon as possible.
Abed Akbari – Expert on Europe affairs

Two sides of the coin regarding the strengthening of British-Indian military and security cooperation

Strategic Council Online—Opinion: The news of the agreement to increase military cooperation between Britain and India has become an important issue in the international system; The agreement, according to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is aimed at expanding security and defense cooperation to achieve so-called peace and global security.
Hossein Sayyahi—Researcher of international affairs

Britain’s active role in trapping Russia in the Ukrainian quagmire

Strategic Council Online-Interview: An expert of European affairs says the Ukraine crisis has changed many political and security equations, and Russia’s relations with the West and Britain can no longer be interpreted in the same way as in the past, adding that as Russia’s power in the world and in Europe diminishes, the role and position of Britain and NATO will increase, and London’s influence on European developments will be enhanced.

Perspective of Hungary’s Probable Exit from the European Union

Strategic Council online – Interview: An expert on geopolitics commented on the recent remarks of Hungarian Prime Minister on exiting the European Union in case of intolerance with the country and said:” It is unlikely that Hungary will really wish to exit from the European Union and the recent remark is merely considered as a threat”.

Ukraine Crisis; Flexing Muscles between Russia & the West

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Having stated that the U.S. is looking for dismemberment of Russia in long term, an expert on Russian Affairs said:” the West intends to engage Russia in a war through which a pretext is made for further infiltration and also halting NordStream-2 project as well as cooperation in energy field”.

Legal & Political Aspects of the U.S. Decision to Freeze Afghanistan’s Assets

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Having stated that the U.S. demand to receive compensation from Afghanistan is an illegal and unreasonable measure, a university professor of international law said:” when a country freezes and blocks the assets of another country like blackmailers and thieves through its domestic legal rulings and national laws, it acts against the international norms and standards, thus it hinders the development of international relations”.

Macron’s Recent Tour to the Persian Gulf Region & France’s Human Rights Claims

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert of the Middle East issues commented on the recent tour of French President to Arab countries of the Persian Gulf and selling new French made weapons to UAE and Saudi Arabia and said:” the recent tour of French President Emmanuel Macron to three Persian Gulf Arab countries is analyzed within the framework of obvious competitions between Washington and Paris to exploit the lavish spending of member countries of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council”.

Prospect of Escalated Russia-West Tensions over Ukraine

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Europe affairs, commenting on the escalation of tensions between Russia and NATO and the United States over Ukraine said: Ukraine crisis has reached a dangerous point and both sides, by raising their maximum demands, are trying to make the most of the existing space with an aim of making the other side to retreat from its positions.

Challenges Facing Britain with Full Implementation of Post-Brexit Customs Regulations

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Europe affairs said that the Boris Johnson administration will definitely face serious challenges in enforcing customs regulations to control imports and exports to Britain, adding: The European Union does not seem to be willing to make concessions to Britain over Northern Ireland, and it is ultimately London that will have to make many considerations about how to create customs barriers between the two Irish borders.

Strategic Consequences of the UK Hostile Action against Hamas in the Region

Strategic Council Online- Interview: An expert of Middle East affairs commented on the action taken by British government in enlisting Palestinian Hamas group among terrorist groups and said:” The recent measure taken by British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s government in putting Hamas Movement among terrorist organizations show that British government in unison with the Zionist lobby, is following up confrontation with the world of Islam”.

US-China Reciprocal Strategy towards Taiwan

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Former Iranian ambassador to China, saying that the political community of Taiwan does not seem to be interested in radical measure to change the balance of power vis-a-vis China, added: Positions of the two parties in Taiwan that support its independence have mostly propagative, or even blackmail aspect, from China.

Continuation of US Hostile Approach against Chinese Technology and Its Strategic Consequences

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An analyst of international affairs saying that despite US sanctions and restrictions, China will be deprived of gaining access to its advanced technologies, as well as its vast and important market, added: The United States is trying to cut the supply chain of Chinese companies and weaken the country’s ability to develop science, technology and economy.

Perspective; Spiraling Tensions between Poland & European Union

Strategic Council Online-Interview: Having stated that it seems the “honey moon” of statesmen of peripheral countries of Europe to the European Union has finished, a university professor said: “If the Polish government wants to insist on exiting the European Union, it will face expanding and widespread internal riots in which the youth will play a pivotal role”.

Post- Brexit challenges for Britain

Strategic Council Online—Interview: The former Iranian ambassador to Ireland says that Britain is not trying to fully resolve the existing crises regarding the Brexit, and especially the issue of Ireland, and uses it as a lever of pressure and instrument, adding that the country will use all its tools and facilities to prevent the re-union of the two Irelands so that it can implement its policies in the region.

Turkish economy; Opportunities and challenges ahead

Strategic Council Online—Interview: Explaining the most important opportunities and challenges facing the Turkish economy, the head of the Iran-Turkey Chamber of Commerce and Industry said “Although Turkey has made progress in trade and exports, especially during the 19 years of Erdogan and his party in power, however the presence of more than 70 foreign banks in Turley could turn into an economic crisis for the country if sanctions are imposed.

Intensification of Tensions between Russia –NATO; behind the Scene

Strategic Council Online- Interview: Concerning the recent tensions between Russia and NATO which took place followed by the expel of eight diplomats of Russian Representation in Brussels, an expert on the European affairs said:” The U.S. and Eastern European countries have always been and are still seeking for a pretext to heat up the cold war with Russia. Therefore, expelling the Russian diplomats from European capitals and recently Brussels is interpreted within the escalated tension level kept with Russia and not to marginalize the issue of relations with Russia in the European Union.