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Strategic Consequences for NATO Membership of Sweden & Finland

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: During the recent day, we witnessed that Sweden and Finland expressed their decision to join NATO. Traditionally, the two countries have followed the policy of non-membership in any alliance. Even during the Cold War, they adhered to their policy. The neutrality policy was also considered as an important factor to secure the stability of North Europe by Moscow, which had been admitted by European countries as well.
Dr. Mohammad Medhi Mazaheri, University Professor

Announcing Acceptance of “One China” Principle; Deceptive Strategy of US against China

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A professor of international relations considered the US strategy towards China and the announcement of the acceptance of “One China” principle as being based on the “carrot and stick” policy, and said: China is exposed to numerous harms and knows what the US raises within the framework of “acceptance of One China,” is not the implementing policy of that country.

Perspective of Energy Security in Europe

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Having referred to current trends of developments between Russia and Europe and also international political economy, one of the global important challenges of the present century is the challenge on energy security and resources, particularly oil and gas.
Pouria Nabipour, Ph.D., Political Science & International Relations

Origins of New Round of Military Tensions between Turkey & Greece

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Despite the agreement made between Prime Minister the Hellenic Republic and Turkish President in their last meeting in Istanbul to reduce tension in Aegean Sea, Turkish Air Force fighters have recently violated extensively the air space of Greece and flew over residential and non-residential islands of the country. For example, during a day Turkish fighters had 126 cases of violating Athens’ Flight Information Region (FIR) and 41 cases of flight over 12 residential and non-residential islands of Greece.
Mahmoud Faazeli, Analyst of international issues

Dimensions of Soft Warfare, US Attempt for Brain Drain from Russia

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Explaining the most important aspects of the US soft war against Russia, an analyst of Russia affairs said: US attempt to attract Russia’s elite has long-term goals and prospects, and in the long run will certainly weaken Moscow’s technical and scientific capabilities.

Importance, Consequences of Joint Armenia-Azerbaijan Boundary Commission

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Senior researcher on Central Asia and Caucasus affairs, saying that approvals of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Boundary Commission should not be a prelude to changing the geographical borders in the region, noted: Iran can assist the peace talks in Karabakh so that by stabilizing borders and establishing calm measures can be taken for the future development of the region.

Cold War Style U.S. Rhetoric against China & Russia and Its Outcomes

Strategic Council Online- Interview: Having stated that at present circumstance we witness a cold war between China and the U.S. and to a lesser degree between Russia and the U.S., an analyst of international affairs said:” the competition that exists between the U.S. on one side and Russia and China on the other side, will form the aspects of the future order which the world and the country will face.

Prospects of Using National Currencies in Trade with Neighboring Countries

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Given the US unilateral sanctions, can trade with the neighboring countries on the basis of national currencies be considered as a solution to mitigate effects of the sanctions?
Reza Majidzadeh – Simorgh Development Working Group, Pasargad Millennium Plan Think Tank

Crisis in Russia-Ukraine Relations and Scenarios Ahead

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Seven years after Russia’s military action against Ukraine in 2014 and annexation of the Crimean peninsula to the mainland Russia, the country’s recent military rally along the border with Ukraine and holding of numerous exercises by the two countries, once again has increased the likelihood of Russian military action against Ukraine.
Hossein Sayyahi – Researcher on international affairs