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U.S. Concern about China’s Nuclear Reinforcement

Strategic Council Online- Note: Development of 110 nuclear power plants by 2030 is one of the macro-investment projects of China, which has caused another field of contradiction of interests between China and the U.S.
Reza Majidzadeh, Director of Simorgh Development Group, Passargad Millennium Plan think-tank

US Impediments on Extending New START Treaty with Russia

Strategic Council Online – If President Donald Trump is re-elected in November 2020, given the current process, it can be predicted that the United States will refrain from extending the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty in February 2021, and if this scenario is implemented the world can be expected to face a new arms race and all current nuclear restrictions on the United States would be lifted.
Seyed Reza Mirtaher – Expert on Military and Strategic Issues