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Challenges the Taliban Face in Afghanistan

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on the subcontinent affairs commenting on the latest developments in Afghanistan after the Taliban came to power said: Since the Taliban became the main power in Afghanistan the group has faced numerous challenges in governance. The international community’s reluctance to recognize the Taliban as the new government in Afghanistan is the biggest and most important challenge of the group in the area of governance.

US-China Reciprocal Strategy towards Taiwan

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Former Iranian ambassador to China, saying that the political community of Taiwan does not seem to be interested in radical measure to change the balance of power vis-a-vis China, added: Positions of the two parties in Taiwan that support its independence have mostly propagative, or even blackmail aspect, from China.

Iron Wall Policy & Human Rights Claims in Europe?!

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: A new wave of migration has been formed in the eastern borders of the European Union once again in recent days. Immigrants from predominantly crisis-hit countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria are trying to reach the EU member states, but what seems different this time from other cases is Europe’s finger of accusation which is pointed at Belarus.
Hossein Sayyahi – Researcher on international affairs

Blurred Perspective of Russia-West Relations

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many in the West thought that the Russians were interested in joining the Western world and would become more like Europeans and Americans, but it soon became clear that centuries of Russian history has given shape to a distinct and unique understanding of the position of that country in the world. Moscow now considers its security zone not the borders of the Russian Federation, but the borders of the Soviet Union, and demands that the United States and Europe accept it.
Alireza Thamoudi -Expert on Europe Affairs

European Use of Taiwan Leverage; Cautious Subordination to US Chinophobia Approach

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An analyst of European affairs said that the recent visit of the European Parliament delegation to Taiwan can be assessed as a very conservative and cautious move in line with accompanying the US policy of Chinophobia, adding: The Europeans are trying to manage the game with China with regard to their own interests, and given the distrust against the United States, they will not change their relationship with China all at once.

Turkey’s Tactical View on Relations with Russia

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on international affairs, referring to Russia’s protest against the sale of Turkish drones to Ukraine and the ban on the import of some agricultural items from Turkey, said: The two sides, where their relationship and interests confluence, try to make the most of the leverage they have to put pressure on the other side.

Post- Brexit challenges for Britain

Strategic Council Online—Interview: The former Iranian ambassador to Ireland says that Britain is not trying to fully resolve the existing crises regarding the Brexit, and especially the issue of Ireland, and uses it as a lever of pressure and instrument, adding that the country will use all its tools and facilities to prevent the re-union of the two Irelands so that it can implement its policies in the region.

Post-Brexit Challenges for Britain and European Union

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An analyst of European affairs saying that the post-Brexit had an impact on the shape of Britain’s bilateral relations with other EU countries, added: Brexit has been a lose-lose game for the EU and Britain.

Economic Crisis in Afghanistan, Escalation of Concerns at the Winter Threshold

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A university faculty member saying that there is no clear vision in Afghanistan in terms of addressing problems of the people and with the continuation of the status quo, said the country will face a major crisis in the coming months, adding: In the current situation, we are facing a government that has no experience in governance, has no financial resources, is not recognized, and rules only militarily and security-wise.

Consequences of the Recent Erdogan Approche against 10 Western Countries

Strategic Council Online- Opinion: The decision made by Recep Tayyip Erdogan to unprecedented expel of 10 ambassadors (Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand and the U.S.) from Turkey, while accusing them for supporting the release of Osman Kavala has once again disclosed the disputes between Turkey and the Western countries.
Hassan Ashrafi, Researcher on Turkey affairs

Messages of adopting China’s proposed human rights resolution

Strategic Council Online—Interview: Referring to China’s efforts to create currents in the Human Rights Council and play a more active role in its working groups, an international law professor says “China seeks to create a ‘Defender of Human Rights and Humanism’ attachment in the minds of the people of the world to expand its influence in the countries and correct some unpleasant and negative mentalities towards itself.

EU and Energy Crisis

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The European Union is currently facing an unprecedented rise in energy prices which could hamper economic recovery after the Coronavirus epidemic in the Union, limit household incomes, and even challenge the so-called green transition. A set of market, geographical and political components has created the current unfavorable conditions.
Alireza Thamoudi – Expert on European affairs

Importance of 3+3 mechanism for resolving Caucasus issues, strategy of member states

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Caucasus affairs explaining the conflicting approaches between the countries of the Caucasus region and stressing the need for joint steps to resolve the region’s problems within the framework of the 3 + 3 mechanism, said: This plan can be a factor in ensuring prevention of new hostilities in the region.

An Analysis on Iraqi Parliamentary Election

Strategic Council Online- Opinion: The fifth parliamentary election in Iraq was held on October 10, 2021, especially amid particular international, regional and domestic situation which was coupled with challenging sidelines. It seems to be normal to some extent in a country like Iraq as a country that practices transition and where the foundations of democracy are not solidified yet.
Hamid Khoshayand, Analyst of international affairs

Post-Brexit and the crisis of fuel shortage in the UK

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An analyst of European affairs says that the situation in Britain after the Cold War and with the change in US foreign policy priorities is not such that it can cooperate with the United States in all areas, adding that after leaving the European Union, Britain seeks to implement the policy of a “global Britain” and will certainly try to establish itself as a great power in Europe and on the world stage after leaving the European Union.

Factors Affective in Strengthening EU-India Relations

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Although the European Union and India have stepped up their efforts to strengthen trade cooperation in recent months, prospects for economic cooperation between Brussels and Delhi remain unclear.
Alireza Thamoudi – Expert on Europe affairs

Consequences of the US & China Struggles at the IMF

Strategic Council Online- Opinion: International Monetary Fund (IMF) has become the latest struggle between the U.S. and China, this can be considered in line with the competitions of the two countries at global level; the struggle that shows global competition between the U.S. and China has extended to international organizations too. The attitude of the World Health Organization on Corona pandemic and its positions towards China’s responsibility are also indications that support the competition. Now, the more important question is; what will be the future of the IMF and which direction will it go along with other international bodies? How the financial and monetary markets will be affected?
Reza Majid-Zadeh, Director, Simorgh Development Group, Millennium Plan Think-tank

Strategic Targets, Consequences of Recent Unrest in Caucasus

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: In recent weeks, news of the harassment Azeri soldiers caused the Iranian transit vehicles passing through the disputed territories of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Armenia has been frequently published in the media. The question that arises in this regard is whether those behaviors are cross-sectional or a sign of the change in the approach that should be taken more seriously by the Islamic Republic of Iran and a solution should be considered to deal with them?
Dr. Ehsan Movahedian – University professor and international relations researcher

Interventionist Approach of the West to Lebanese Crisis

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Joe Biden’s administration, in coordination with France, has been pushing for structural reform in Lebanon since taking office. The Biden’s administration supports Emmanuel Macron’s policy in Lebanon, while maintaining economic pressures and sanctions on Hezbollah.
Fatemeh Nekoo Lal Azad – Tehran International Studies and Research Institute (Abrar)