The Zionist regime and Egypt have agreed on the new security mechanism to conclude the transfer process of ownership of the said islands to Saudi Arabia. It seems that in the course of the upcoming visit of the U.S. President to the region, the agreement will be unveiled.

Barsam Mohammadi, expert of the region’s issues

Tiran, 80 Sq. kilometers, and Sanafir 32 Sq. Kilometers are two “strategic” islands of the Red Sea. The islands overlook the Tiran Strait, which is a strategic waterway that leads to Aqaba Port in Jordan and Eilat Port in the occupied Palestine; therefore, from two aspects they have strategic importance:

First; this is the only access way of the occupied Palestine from Aqaba Gulf to the Red Sea

Second; it plays an important role in trade exchanges of the Zionist regime

The two islands used to be controlled by Saudi Arabia until 1967 but King Faisal transferred their administration to Egypt in order to enable the country during the six – day war to prevent the Zionist regime sending its ships to “Eilat”. Ever since, the islands have become a territorial dispute between Saudi Arabia and Egypt.


Background of the Signing of Transfer Contract

The contract to transfer Tiran and Sanafir was signed in return for receiving the annual $ 2 Billion of financial aids and supply of 25% of oil required in Egypt by Saudi Arabia simultaneous with the visit of Bin Salman to Cairo in 2017. Despite Egyptian popular protests as well as the opposition of elders and elites, the Parliament and Supreme Court of the country approved it in 2018. As based on some provisions of the Camp David Accords between Cairo and Tel Aviv, the full transfer of the Islands required the endorsement of the contract by the Zionist regime, the transfer process was not complete.


Objectives & Interests of Tel Aviv & Egypt for Transfer of the Islands

Transfer of Tiran and Sanafir Islands to Saudi Arabia is basically a “Zionist plan” which serves the objectives and interests of the Zionist regime. Although, such measure can apparently be a “tentative economic solution” for Egypt to sort out a part of its problems and economic hardships. In another word, the government of Egypt has transferred a part of its territorial integrity against receiving economic aids which is not clear to what extent this could be effective in sorting out the country’s internal problems. From tourism as well as transport duties and tolls points of view, Tiran and Sanafir were considered as a remarkable income source for Egypt.

It is necessary to pay attention to the following points with respect to security, political and economic objectives as well as the interests of the Zionist regime:

first; the Zionist regime agreement to transfer Tiran and Sanafir in situation when the issues related to contingent establishment of normal and diplomatic relations between Riyadh and Tel Aviv is in the limelight of both sides more than ever, is considered as a kind of “gift and generosity” from Tel Aviv to expedite joining of Riyadh to normalizing process. This can be considered as a big justification for Bin Salman to formalize diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv.

Second; the contract will cause “the construction of a new connecting path for the Zionist regime” from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean by digging a new channel that will connect Aqaba Gulf from Eilat Port to the Mediterranean; what Tel Aviv has always dreaming about but because of Egyptian sovereignty over Tiran Strait and the necessity of the passage of ships that are willing to pass through the new path from Egyptian territorial waterways was practically impossible.

Third; “free movement without any inspection of the Zionist regime battle ships” from Tiran Strait and other regions where already considered as territorial waters of Egypt is another achievement of the said contract for the Zionist regime. While, in order to practice its sovereignty over Tiran and Sanafir Islands, and according to provisions of the international law, Egypt was already entitled to inspect or to stop all ships passing through Tiran Strait or even prevent the passage of ships under its sovereignty.

Fourth; in view of Naftali Bennett’s cabinet being in political chaos, therefore, any consent and participation of the Zionist regime in concluding the transfer process of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia and public announcement of such a news as “a major achievement in foreign policy”, can veer the public opinion and domestic as well as regional media attention from critical status of the Zionist regime and its atrocities  in the occupied territories, and thus “make credit for the critical cabinet of Bennett” to continue his tenure of office.

Consequences & Outcomes

But the important issue that requires attention to is facilitation the military involvement and presence of the Zionist regime in Tiran Strait and the Red Sea that may face “security and political outcomes” inside Saudi Arabia. Riyadh rulers should pay due attention to the issue that despite clandestine relations that Arab countries of the Persian Gulf including Saudi Arabia have with the Zionist regime, yet the public opinion and the Muslim nations of the region, even inside Saudi Arabia, do not recognize the Zionist regime as an independent, legitimate and legal entity and they still consider it as an occupant regime; therefore, it is evident to show “reaction” to elements and processes to any development which pave the ground for the presence of such an illegitimate regime in the region, and to stand against it.

Moreover, the presence of the Zionist regime in the mentioned Islands and increasing the maneuver capability of the regime from Aqaba Gulf to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean will cause a “new arrangement of the regional power balance” that through rising level of  regional tensions of opponent and hostile countries as well as groups with the Zionist regime and Riyadh, will provoke “security conflicts” against Saudi Arabia, particularly in a situation when the country is bugged in a major quagmire in Yemen.


Concluding Point

Transfer of Tiran and Sanafir Islands to Saudi Arabia, is a project under Saudi Arabia’s name that serves the Zionist regime’s interests which is considered as an upheaval change in the geopolitics of the Arabic region, because through realization of an old aspiration of the Zionist regime, i.e. the connection of Aqaba Gulf from Eilat Port to the Mediterranean Sea, the Zionist regime’s maneuver capability will be increased in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

In case the agreement is finalized, military cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the Quds occupying regime in the Red Sea and “militarization” of the region, centered by Tiran Island, will be further increased to exercise supervision and control of Bab el-Mandeb Strait, Aden Gulf, Suez Canal and littoral states of the Red Sea. Therefore, it is necessary that Saudi Arabia assumes the responsibility of any consequence emanated from opening the way to the Zionist regime in the Red Sea and Tiran Strait right now.