In a phone call on Saturday evening, President Rouhani congratulated his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad on recent victories over terrorist groups and taking hold of their main strongholds in Iraq and Syria; “yet some Western states and their allies in the region thought that ISIL would either seize Syria and Iraq or would remain on power to cause destruction and commit crimes based on their national interests in the region.”

“Iran and Syria made a great achievement together during this fight; Iranian nation and government are pleased with every single step against the terrorist by Damascus, just as the Syrian people and government; Islamic Republic is now ready to participate in Syria’s reconstruction and the strategic ties of the two countries should continue.”

Mr. Rouhnai, while noting that Syria’s future has to be decided upon by its people without foreign intervention, reaffirmed that “those who think that in power vacuum the future of Syrian could be decided are talking about impractical ideas; the government in Damascus has to be powerful than ever to pass through the transition.”

Iranian president asserted that Islamic Republic would be by the Syria in the political process as well and said “yet we believe the opposition also should benefit from the opportunity and specify their own share in Syria’s future based on their position.”

“Sochi Summit was a right step at right time; Iran, Russia and Turkey agreed to support the Syrian national dialogue congress and believe the platform to be a great step in Syria’s process of stability and security,” said Rouhani noting the recent trilateral meeting he attended in Sochi of Russia along with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Rouhani also rejected the remarks of some officials of the region, underlining that Iran has always been seeking peace, stability, brotherhood and security in the region; “it is very odd for a regional state to consider Iran as its enemy and the Israeli regime as its friend; unfortunately leaders of certain states in the region talk in favor of the regime while being aware of horrible crimes it has committed during last 70 years; I hope the leaders of some Arab countries to get into the right path and do not act again against themselves and the region.”

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, for his part, expressed gratitude for Islamic Republic’s stances toward his country, adding, “Syrian government and nation appreciate the help of Iranian government and nation; the victory over ISIL  was achieved thanks to brave men who stood by Syria in fight against terrorism.”

“Absolutely, Arab League stances are not the stances of Arab nations; such anti-Iran remarks are result of great achievements in fight against terrorism in Iraq and Syria,” President Assad said condemning the ‘unwise’ remarks of some regional countries against Iran.

President Assad also urged Iran’s cooperation in rebuilding Syria.