The 2nd term of the SCFR began on June 17, 2014, while the Supreme Leader appointed new members, urging them to play a more effective role in the sphere of foreign relations. The new members are: Seyed Kamal Kharrazi, Saeed Jalili, Ebrahim Sheibani, Ahmad Vahidi, Mahdi Mostafavi and Mohammad Hossein Taremi.


Objectives and Functions
  • Open up new horizons, and set up long term, midterm, and short term strategies on foreign relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran in political, economic, defense-security, and scientific-cultural fields;
  • Observe advances and barriers facing implementation of strategies and content of the Outlook Plan;
  • Outline foreign relations strategies and strategic policies through holding consultation with experts and the elite;
  • Establish policy and culture, and enlighten the public’s opinion on the country’s foreign relations strategies by exploring popular capacities, media facilities, and modern means;
  • Communicate with natural and legal entities, international bodies and its foreign counterparts;
  • Invite incumbent, previous foreign officials, and authorities to hold discussions on strategic foreign relations issues.




SCFR consists of a head, 4 Commissions, and a Secretariat. Seyed Kamal Kharrazi heads the SCFR, appointed by the Supreme Leader.

Its commissions are:

  • Political Commission, chaired by Saeed Jalili;
  • Economic Commission, chaired by Ebrahim Sheibani;
  • Defence-Security Commission, chaired by Ahmad Vahidi;
  • Scientific-Cultural Commission, chaired by Mahdi Mostafavi;

Strategies are developed in the SCFR commissions.

The Secretariat is responsible for completing the expert-related cycle of activities, drafting the SCFR enactments, and providing appropriate scientific research and services to the SCFR and its Commissions. At the same time, its domain of responsibility includes communicating with natural and legal entities, state bodies, organizations, public non-state institutes, pundits, experts, academic and religious school elite, while exploring the expert-related products, information, and research available in Iran, as well as other countries. The Secretariat is responsible for having an effective and updated treasury of information, composed of significant expert level researches and reports conducted in Iran or other countries. Mohammad Bagher Khorramshad is heading the Secretariat.


The main and most significant activity of the council, in recent years, has been drafting and submitting various foreign relations strategies, in approved fields, to the Leader. Other activities of the council include organizing and hosting specialized speeches by distinguished foreign thinkers and officials, as well as holding various strategic meetings, with the participation of senior experts, by the four commissions of the council and the secretariat.

Specialized Library

A Specialized Library on strategic subjects has been established for the use of elites, experts, and the country’s scientific community. It holds a significant number of resources, available for all.



In the website, beside the SCFR news, you can find analysis and viewpoints of the country’s scientific community, and the elite, on strategic foreign relations issues.


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