In an interview with the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Ali Abdi added that the Zionist regime is part of the global domination system, in fact, this regime is defined “in” the domination system and Iran is defined as “over” the domination system, and the nature of the Islamic Revolution in 1957 was anti-domination in nature.

He stated that in the interpretation of the Imam (RA) and the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, Zionism is known as the central headquarters, the heart and brain of the global system of domination, and Zionism is not only the Zionist regime. He added that Zionism has a nature beyond Israeli nature, therefore the Zionist regime finds a special due to its connection with international Zionism, it has a very high power to influence the power structure, decision-making and decision-making of the dominant world system.

This expert on the issues of the Zionist regime said that therefore, in many Western decisions about the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Zionist regime has always been a main player in the field of decision-making, openly and secretly, directly and indirectly.

Abdi continued that “the Zionist regime follows several pillars in its policies in the region; Among other things, in the security doctrine of this regime, no one in the Middle East, except this regime, has the right to go nuclear, especially in terms of military. Based on the “Begin” security doctrine, which was formed after the attack on Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981, the Zionist regime tries to prevent any country or power in the Middle East from gaining nuclear power and capability, even peacefully”.

He stated that the ability of the Zionist regime to play a role in the nuclear case is high in both negative and positive aspects, and added that in a negative aspect, considering the ability, influence and impact that this regime has in the decision-making processes in the United States and Europe, it can have a direct and serious effect on these decisions. On the positive side, they are trying to present an extremely hateful and anti-human image of the Islamic Republic of Iran by investing heavily in propaganda, media and discourse creation.

This analyst of the Zionist regime’s issues reminded that this regime tries to match the anti-Zionist discourse with the anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic discourse in the international system and in line with its interests and create an overlap. In the event that the Islamic Revolution has made a serious distinction between them since its inception and has drawn a bold line between them.

Abdi stated that the Zionist regime will not allow the nuclear agreement with Iran to be concluded with the influence it always exerts and the United States has been in full cooperation with them, and emphasized that the non-resolution of this issue has 100% harmed the Zionists and the Americans. In fact, with the resolution of this issue, many of their security and political projects against Iran and in the region will be rejected and lead to failure. For this reason, the Zionists have always looked at the nuclear case as an opportunity against Iran.

Stating that Europe is not willing to sacrifice relations with Iran for relations with the Zionist regime, Abdi pointed out European silence in the face of the assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientists, sabotage and threats against Iran by this regime and continued that in the past weeks, the Zionist regime has repeatedly asked the West to leave the JCPOA negotiation table with Iran and end the talks to revive the nuclear deal with Iran.