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Erdogan’s visit to Saudi Arabia; Strategic or tactical approach?

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An expert of Turkish issues says Turkey and Saudi Arabia, after one decade of severing relations, have once again talked about a new opening in their relations, adding that Erdogan’s visit to Saudi Arabia indicates review and a new era in Ankara-Riyadh relations.

Consensus Democracy; Solution for Iraq Coming Out of Political Crisis

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Iraq affairs, commenting on why, despite the elapse of more than three months since the elections in Iraq, the task of important positions in that country such as the presidency and the prime minister has not been determined yet, said: The issue of the division of the main positions of the Iraqi government in this period has also been faced with a fundamental complexity.

Turkey’s Approach on Ukraine Crisis

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Turkey affairs, commenting on the recent efforts by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to resolve the Ukraine crisis, said: As tensions between Russia and Ukraine increase, consultations were made in the form of mediation by some countries, including the Europeans, to reduce tensions between the two countries, and in the midst of such consultations, Turkey’s involvement in that issue was significant.

New Era of Turkey’s Middle East Policy

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Turkey affairs referring to the Saudi Arabia and Turkey relations that are moving closer after years of coldness and the fact that Ankara seeks to reduce its foreign policy concerns to zero and get out of its economic challenges said: A new era in Turkey’s Middle East policy has begun after a decade of tension and conflict. In the meantime, the nature and level of the return of Riyadh-Ankara relations to the former deep economic and political cooperation is very important for Erdogan.

Behind the Scenes of Suspension of Turkey’s EU Membership Talks

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert of Turkey affairs, commenting on the decision of the Council of Ministers of the European Union to block the talks on Turkey’s membership in the Union said: Turkey had separated its path from Europe many years ago and had not, and still does not have, any hope in the outcome of the talks on joining the EU. Perhaps for the same reason such a decision now would not result in a major change in the nature of Ankara’s foreign relations with the West.

Ambitious Objectives of “Turkic Council” Summit

Strategic Council Online- Interview: An expert on Turkey issues commented on the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Turkish speaking countries which was hosted by Turkey on Friday, November 12, 2021, in Istanbul and said:” more willingness of Turkey to foster the concepts like Turkish World or the Turkish States and Turkish States Council is considered to be an effort to strengthen trans-national identity seeking in the foreign policy of Ankara, which is known as another part of ambitious programs in Euro-Asia region”.

Agreements in the Visit of Al-Kazemi; Strategic Step in Relations between Iran & Iraq

Strategic Council Online- Interview: An expert on Iraq commented on the recent visit of Mostafa Al-Kazemi, Iraqi Premier to Tehran and said:” Mostafa Al-Kazemi visit to Iran was his first visit after President Raisi took office. From political point of view, the visit was made one month before holding the Iraqi election, and is important for Al-Kazem who has made several counselling visits to regional countries.

Turkey’s Strategic View of Developments in Afghanistan

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Turkey affairs commenting on Turkey’s new role in Afghanistan after the Taliban seizure of Kabul said: Ankara’s view of Kabul is a strategic one, and given the geopolitical situation of Afghanistan, in a long-term strategy, Turkey is striving for extensive military cooperation with that country, and in the meantime, Turkey’s good relations with Pakistan is strengthening this demand.

Necessity of Strengthen Iran-Iraq Neighborly Relations

Strategic Council Online – Given the multifaceted ties and the needs of the neighborhood between Iran and Iraq, the future of the two countries relations can be described as sustainable and expanding. However, the driving force behind the use of those comparative advantages will depend on active and purposeful diplomacy in the relations between the two countries, which should be placed more seriously on the agenda of the thirteenth government.
Siamak Kakai – expert on Iraq affairs

Perspective of Relations between Turkey and the US during Biden

Strategic Council Online- An expert and analyst on Turkey said in a dialogue about relations between Ankara and Washington during President Biden: “the relations between Turkey and the US were impressed by different issues within the last decade. The issues cast shadow on the relations, the result of which can be seen even now.”

Consequences of destabilizing US presence in Iraq

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Iraq affairs, commenting on the continued presence of US troops in Iraq despite strategic talks between the two countries on this issue and approval of the law on the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq in December 2019 said: There is no doubt that the stay of American forces in Iraq will intensify instability in that country.

Objectives behind the new momentum in Turkey-Lebanon relations

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An expert of Turkish affairs says growing relations between Turkey and Lebanon in political and economic fronts and other areas of mutual interest would pave the way for more role-playing even limited by Turkey in the political scene of Lebanon.

Al-Kazemi’s Washington Trip & US Strategy in Iraq

Strategic Council Online – Al-Kazemi’s stances reflect his outlooks and political vision about the United States. Some believe that the Americans hope that with Al-Kazemi as Iraq’s prime minister, relations with the US are set to expand and the scope of criticism of the United States inside Iraq will decrease; But we should not overlook the subsequent developments in Iraq; because next year elections will be held and Al-Kazemi himself, as a statesman, has plans for his political future, and is probably thinking of creating a political faction or party.
Siamak Kakai – Iraqi Affairs Expert

Iran-Iraq Relations; Obstacles and Opportunities Ahead

Strategic Council Online – In addition to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the new Iraqi government seeks to establish new relations with countries in the region and beyond, in which countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Persian Gulf states are given priority.
Siamak Kakai – Iraqi Affairs Expert

Prospects of US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue; US Deceptions

Strategic Council Online – In the negotiations between the United States and Iraq in recent weeks, a reduction of American forces in Iraq has been emphasized and it has been decided that the withdrawal of these forces will take place in the coming months; but because the term “reduction of forces” has been used, this can be interpretive.
Siamak Kakai – Iraqi Affairs Expert

Iraq; Challenges Facing Mustafa al-Kazemi Government

Strategic Council Online: The new Iraqi government is facing several challenges, while the economic situation in Iraq is not favorable due to the decrease in oil prices and the economic situation Iraq has been facing in the past.
Siamak Kakai – Expert on Iraqi Affairs

Turkey and Multivariate Equations in Idlib

Strategic Council Online: Turkey believes if Idlib is liberated Ankara’s role in the next political process in Syria will decline and the Syrian government may in future seek to oust Turkish forces from other areas, such as Afrin.
Siamak Kakai – Turkey affairs expert

Turkey’s Intentions behind Troop Dispatch to Libya

Strategic Council Online: Despite the geographical, strategic and economic importance of Libya for Turkey, the Mediterranean movements of Ankara occur within the framework of a new policy Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeks to apply.
Siamak Kakai – Turkey Affairs expert

Turkey’s Goals in Buying S400

Strategic Council Online: Turkey, by purchasing S400 missile system, is trying to critically remind the United States of its excessive delay in delivering the Patriot system to Ankara on the one hand, and intends to demonstrate its independence in military decision-making beyond what the US and NATO determine, on the other hand.
Siamak Kakaie – Turkish Affairs expert