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Prospect of Forming Government in Iraq after Withdrawal of Sadr Movement from Political Process

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Iraq affairs, stating that the current situation leads the Shiite currents to form a government, noted: Shiite groups seek to form a government with the opportunity that has been created, and increasing the number of seats will give them this opportunity, but it is not clear what policy the Sadr Movement wants to pursue outside the political process towards the formation of the government.

Consequences of Turning Sadrist Movement into a National Opposition in Iraq

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Seven months after Iraq’s parliamentary elections, a new government has not yet been formed. Prolonged government formation, which has led to a continuing political stalemate in Iraq, poses new challenges for the country, which is still in a period of security and political transition despite defeating ISIS.
Hamid Khoshayand – Expert on regional affairs