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Raid on Al-Aqsa Mosque; Accelerating Collapse of Zionist Regime

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on West Asia affairs, stating that the Zionist regime by entering Al-Aqsa Mosque seeks to change the Islamic nature and legal and historical status of the mosque, said: Such measures will pave the way for new plans by the Resistance.

Strategic Outcomes of Effort Made by Iraqi Shi’ite Parties to Achieve Political Agreement

Strategic Council Online- Interview: An expert on Iraqi commented on the recent meeting held among Shi’ite parties inside Iraq at Al-Ameri’s house and said:” It seems that timewise, as we distance from the election, Iraqi trends and political groups of the country cope with the results of the election better than ever in the past and go ahead towards political counselling to form the cabinet and select the heads of three powers i.e. President, Speaker of the Parliament and Prime Minister”.

Zionist Regime’s Negative Role in Iran-Russia Relations

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on international affairs commenting on the recent visit of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to Russia a week after Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri’s visit to the country and Kremlin’s relationship with Tel Aviv and Tehran said: Naftali Bennett’s visit to Moscow is an important turning point in the relations between the two sides given the conditions in Russia and the situation of Iran and Syria in Russia; especially considering the concerns that the Zionist regime has towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Deal of the Century Scheme; Dimensions and Implications

Strategic Council Online: Saudi Arabia, led by Mohammed bin Salman, seeks to expand political and economic ties with the Zionist regime by trying to incorporate Israel into emerging power blocs in the Middle East, providing a new model of friendship and hostility in the region, forgetting the aspirations of the Palestinian people, and completely disregarding their natural rights and portraying Iran instead of Israel as the enemy of the Arabs.
Davoud Ahmadzadeh – Middle East Affairs Expert

Lt. General Suleimani, Architect of Regional Security, Stability

Strategic Council Online: A university professor said that the US criminal assassination of Lt. General Qassem Suleimani was the result of Washington’s desperation against Iran and General Suleimani and his braveries. He added the Americans thought that with assassination of General Suleimani they would be allowed to revive the US-led and managed ISIS.

Lebanon: A Way Out of the Impasse!

Strategic Council Online: The realities in Lebanon cannot be changed and the current controversy will not be able to change the situation in the long run in the interest of foreign interventionist forces.

Traces of Foreign Interference in Lebanese Unrest

Strategic Council Online: A regional affairs analyst has no doubt that the recent unrest in Lebanon had both internal causes and many evidences showing external intervention. He added that with the prudence exercised by the Hezbollah leadership, the negotiations that took place and the measures taken by the Lebanese government to introduce reforms the result was a new victory for the Islamic Resistance and the Hezbollah.