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Challenges ahead of Brussels Negotiations on Southern Caucasia

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Director of Caucasia Studies Foundation said:” it seems that the objectives of Turkey and the Republic of Azerbaijan on making Zangezur corridor follow mostly non-economic aspects, while territorial, political as well as security objectives to make corridor will face the opposition of the regional players.

Role of Ukraine War in Violation of Karabakh Ceasefire

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: With the start of the Russian war in Ukraine, the military movements of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Karabakh were not beyond expectation.
Mehdi Khorsand – Expert in Eurasia affairs

Perspective of Armenia-Azerbaijan Republic Border Talks

Strategic Council Online – Interview: The head of the Caucasus Studies Foundation, saying that Turkey, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia are seeking to de-escalate and normalize their relations added: There is the possibility that communication lines will be opened under the control and supervision of Russian forces, and in this regard, Turkey and the Republic of Azerbaijan should also deviate from their ambitious demands.

Importance, Consequences of Joint Armenia-Azerbaijan Boundary Commission

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Senior researcher on Central Asia and Caucasus affairs, saying that approvals of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Boundary Commission should not be a prelude to changing the geographical borders in the region, noted: Iran can assist the peace talks in Karabakh so that by stabilizing borders and establishing calm measures can be taken for the future development of the region.

Dimensions of Plan to Set Up ‘Smart Villages’ in Liberated Regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Strategic Council Online – An expert on international law saying that the target of the Zionist regime in the Caucasus and Azerbaijan is to be able to be stationed in the region for a longer time and establish a base for the Zionists in the Caucasus, noted: The mechanism to counteract the mischiefs of the Zionist regime in the region and basically prevent the profiteering of each of the players in it, is to pay attention to the plan for lasting peace.

Effects of Second Karabakh War on Energy Equations in the Caucasus

Strategic Council Online – An analyst on Caucasus affairs said: It seems that one of the consequences of the Second Karabakh War and lack of the Russian support for Armenia was that Russia, under geopolitical and territorial pressure, influenced the energy transfer issue and brought the war to a point to play its role in the ceasefire.

Strategic impacts of the Zionist regime’s threats against Iran

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An expert of West Asia issues says the Zionist regime and the United States are trying to create more opportunities for themselves to strengthen ties between countries such as the Azerbaijan Republic and the United Arab Emirates with Tel Aviv through heightening fear from Iran.

Iranophobia; Zionist Regime’s Leverage to Deceive, Attract Arab Governments

Strategic Council Online – If the Zionist regime’s relations with the Arab world improve, Iran’s relations with the Arab states will be destroyed, and if Iran’s relations with the Arabs improve, Tel Aviv’s relations with the Arab capitals will be strained; In this case, the Arab states will return to their traditional policy that the Israeli regime is the enemy of the Arabs and the Palestinians.
Qasem Mohabeli – Middle East Affairs Expert