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Indo-China Border Tensions & Prospect of Ambiguous Agreement

Strategic Council Online – An analyst of Asian affairs said that China-India border tensions could have a negative impact on their close economic ties. He added: With regard to the absence of mandatory provisions in the bilateral agreement and deep root of differences in the region, the agreement cannot put a seal of end to the tensions between the two countries and probably the fire of this conflict will flare up again in this region in a short period of time.

White House Goals behind Accusing Iran, Russia, China of interfering in US Protests

Strategic Council Online – A professor of the University of Tehran noting that the claim of Iran’s intervention in the US protests could eventually end up in Tehran’s favor, said: “The White House officials want to question the legitimacy of the protests in the US by linking them to foreign countries. While doing so, they are attacking their own people and trying to put the blame on others by way of projection.

Warsaw Conference: A Test for Arab Rulers before Islamic World Public Opinion

Strategic Council Online: Next month, an international conference is set to be held in Warsaw on the Middle East with a focus on Iran. The main goal of the conference in Poland, the simultaneous presence of the Arab states of the Middle East and the Zionist regime, and the final outcome of the confab are among the issues that experts and the media are talking about these days.
Seyed Mohammad Marandi – Professor of Tehran University