Reasons for OPEC’s Failure to Reduce production & Supply

Strategic Council Online: Russia’s creeping penetration in OPEC as a mate to OPEC and its non-cooperation with OPEC in its latest bid to avert further damage to member states shows that OPEC’s monopoly power in the oil market before being defeated by America’s growing power in production and extraction of Shale oil is struck by the double standards strategy and unilateralism of its members with non-member allies.

Reza Majidzadeh – Researcher in Political Economy of Development

America’s Obvious & Concealed Goals in Venezuelan Crisis

Strategic Council Online: The current US policy in response to internal developments in Venezuela depends on three factors: The Socialist nature of the Venezuelan system, the question of oil, and US homeland security.
Hadi Aalami Fariman – Latin American Affairs expert

Persian Gulf Cooperation Council: Sustainability or Collapse?

Strategic Council Online: The annual meeting of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, held in Riyadh on December 9 can be described as the most significant sign of divergence between Arab countries, especially Qatar with the UAE and Saudi Arabia.
Davoud Ahmadzadeh- Middle East expert

JCPOA and geopolitics of energy

Strategic Council Online – Roundtable: Norway’s ambassador to Iran emphasizes that his country, in the same way as the European Union, will implement its commitments to Iran in accordance with JCPOA, and hopes that small Norwegian companies continue to work here, though a number of major Norwegian corporations have stopped their activities.