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French Middle East Policy & Its Utilitarian Role in Nuclear Talks

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: After the conclusion of French weapons deal with the UAE, we witnessed a wave of internal and external critiques which assessed the French military attitude contrary to human rights attitude of the European Union, but due to some reservations, the European Union affiliated institutions remained tight-lipped in this respect.
Dr. Abbass Sarvestani, Graduated in European Studies, Tehran University

Military Option Plan of the Zionist Regime against Iran; Psychological Warfare Versus Nuclear Talks

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Financial Committee of the Zionist regime parliament (Knesset) on December 23, 2021 added an amendment article to the budget bill for 2022 based on which the sum of $ 2.9 billion was added to the military budget of the Zionist regime for preparedness of the military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities and installations.
Fatemeh Nekoo La’al Azad, Researcher of International Affairs

Emirati Official’s Tehran Visit an Effective Step with Strategic Consequences

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The recent visit of the national security adviser of the UAE, Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to Iran after years of tension and cold relations between the two countries, caused the public opinion and the international media to evaluate the purpose of this trip in line with de-escalation and also the beginning of a new era between Tehran and Abu Dhabi and even the region.
Hossein Sayyahi – Researcher on international affairs