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Causes, Consequences of Recent Tensions between Pyongyang and Seoul

Strategic Council Online – An analyst of Asian affairs referring to the type of acting by China and the United States in the Korean Peninsula said: “Given the reluctance of the two powers to face a serious confrontation in the current situation, it is predicted that the decision taken by North Korea to suspend military action against South Korea is in line with the interests of the major actors and therefore has no significant impact on the countries concerned.

‘Club of Sanctioned’ Initiative to Counter US Sanctions

Strategic Council Online: In case of establishment of the ‘Club of Sanctioned’ the effectiveness of the sanctions tools, including synergies between the economies of the sanctioned countries, by using techniques such as expanding multilateral pacts, creating alternative financial messengers for SWIFT and initiating new financial platforms make these countries immune from US trade sanctions.

– Seyyed Mohammad Reza Mousavi / Political Economy Researcher, Office of Economic Diplomacy Studies, Imam Sadegh University
– Amir Hossein Arabpour / International Political Marketing Researcher, Office of Economic Diplomacy Studies, Imam Sadegh University

Russia’s Approach Towards North Korea’s Nuclear Issue

Strategic Council Online: While the Americans want North Korea to stop all its activities at once, the Russians have proposed a step-by-step approach to solve the problem. According to the plan, in exchange for partial halting of North Korea’s activities, part of the sanctions would be lifted by the United States and the parties could gradually achieve a comprehensive solution.
Shoaib Bahman – International Affairs Expert

Failed US-North Korea Summit & Korean Peninsula Developments

Strategic Council Online: The second US-North Korean summit ended in Vietnam without a clear conclusion and agreement. The main question occupying the minds of analysts is whether this summit meeting is the end of the first step of the two countries in trying diplomacy. Or is the end of diplomacy between the United States and North Korea due to the continuation of negotiations because of differences in approaches?
Assadollah Kaveh – East Asia Affairs Expert

North Korea, a case of the US unreliability

Strategic Council online – Less than three months have passed since the historic summit of the US President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took place on Sentosa Island in Singapore and yet the talks have more or less stopped as the two sides have a series of expectations from each other that have not been met.

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