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Dimensions, Consequences of Terrorist Acts of Zionist Regime in Jenin Camp

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The jihadi operations of the Palestinian martyrdom-seeking forces living in the Jenin camp, which was carried out in response to the continuation of the Zionist regime’s crimes in recent weeks, has not only killed and injured dozens of Zionists, but also entered the Occupied Territories into a new round of field, security and political developments.
Hamid Khoshayand – Expert on regional affairs

Strategic outcomes and messages of Martyrdom operations in occupied Palestinian territories

Strategic Council Online: Opinion: The Zionist regime is experiencing the most difficult moments of its life. A number of Palestinians residing in the West Bank, only within the span on 19 March to 7 Aril 2022 conducted four martyrdom operations against the Zionists. Despite severe media blackout by the Zionist regime about the casualties and even the number of martyrdom operations, in total, more than 13 Zionists have been killed and tens of others injured.
Barsam Mohammadi, Expert of regional issues

Failed Deal of the Century Awaits New Intifada!

Strategic Council Online: In the future, Palestine will witness bloody demonstrations and clashes between the Palestinians and the Zionist regime, and even the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas may dissolve the PA and become a Palestinian militant organization to formally and effectively oppose the Deal of the Century. Then the US and the Zionist regime can no longer negotiate with a Palestinian official. In addition, the rising tide of opposition in the world to the plan, especially by Palestinian groups, has led us to see some kind of retreat from Washington as the US ambassador to the United Nations said at a special Security Council session: The United States peace plan is not a program to be imposed on the parties to the conflict, they have a choice to accept or reject it.”
Hassan Hanizadeh – Middle East Affairs Expert