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Johnson and Consequences of UK Parliament Suspension

Strategic Council Online: A European affairs expert, saying that at present Britain is in a very difficult and complex political situation noted that if London exits the EU with no deal it would continue to be involved in the consequences of leaving the EU for years.

Johnson’s Brexit Style Blackmail

Strategic Council Online: A strategic affairs expert says Europe knows fully well that Britain does not have open hands to leave the EU without a deal and Boris Johnson’s tough tone is not expected to continue even soon. It can be said that eventually, he will have to give in to negotiations.

Aftereffects of Creating French Military Space Command

Strategic Council Online: Given Britain’s decision to withdraw from the European Union and the unilateralist policies Donald Trump pursues without coordinating and cooperating with his European allies, now space and opportunity have been provided for France more than before to pursue more seriously European independent defence arrangements that Paris had in mind before.
Morteza Makki – European Affairs expert