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Impact of French Alignment with European Commission on Advancement of Independent European Defense Strategy

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An analyst of Europe affairs, believes that Emmanuel Macron has not had a successful economic record in the past five years, noting that if he can lead Europe to an independent defense-security arrangement, he will use it in the election campaign; but despite Europe’s numerous challenges, the EU does not seem to be able to easily achieve its security goals on the basis of an independent defense policy.

Perspective of US-European Differences over China

Strategic Council Online – Referring to the strategic dialogue between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and French President’s diplomatic adviser Emmanuel Boone, a European affairs expert stressed that the recent meeting of high-ranking Chinese and French officials is important because we are witnessing escalating tensions between China and the United States, and somehow there is a deep rift between European governments and the United States on how to deal with Beijing.

Future of JCPOA and Obstructions of European Side

Strategy Council Online – An expert on Europe affairs said that the Europeans considered the Iran Nuclear Agreement a great political and security achievement and for this reason stood up to Donald Trump’s position on withdrawing from what is also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Europe’s Instrumental Approach towards Sanctions, Human Rights

Strategic Council Online: Regarding the coordination of European approaches and policies with the United States, especially during the presidency of Donald Trump, it should be noted that Europeans are strategically aligned with the Americans, but the way to realize their goals and tactics is different from Washington.
Morteza Maki – Expert on European Affairs

German Diplomatic Movements: Reasons and Objectives!

Strategic Council Online: Given Germany’s economic and political status in Europe, if they want to make a breakthrough in connection with Iran Nuclear Agreement, only Berlin can play a significant role and make other European countries follow suit. But if Germany does not or could not play a role to this end, other countries would be unable to be effective in maintaining the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
Morteza Makki – European Affairs Specialist

Consequences of British Separation from European Union

Strategic Council Online: British withdrawal from the European Union will undermine the position of the EU, as Britain is one of the countries with a large military and economic power in Europe. Brexit would be a disadvantage to EU.
Morteza Makki, Expert on European Affairs