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China’s approach to the global fight against terrorism

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An expert on East Asian issues believes that China knows that after the realization of US conspiracies against independent, rival and critic countries such as Russia and Iran, Beijing will be the next target of these conspiracies, which will be pursued through any means, even the spread of insecurity and the growth of terrorism.

Perspective of the U.S. Strategy to Confront China

Having stated that the U.S. would like to have clash in the peripheral and strategic depth of China, an expert of the international issues said:” in the meantime, the U.S. follows up the decline of China’s competition capability in all fields and the competition will, certainly, turn to a hostility”.

Role of Ukraine War in Violation of Karabakh Ceasefire

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: With the start of the Russian war in Ukraine, the military movements of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Karabakh were not beyond expectation.
Mehdi Khorsand – Expert in Eurasia affairs

Europe’s Strategic Need for Diversification of Gas Supply Resources, Onward Options

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: In the contemporary world, many and serious changes are taking place in the players and effective variables, resources and control methods in the field of international politics; but for the Europeans, limited access to diverse energy resources, as well as problems with safe and cheap access to resources such as gas, especially after it became clear that the tool could be used as a political lever, has made energy resources and their transfer lines into a very important and vital factor in the field of international politics and international security. In this regard, recent developments in oil and gas exporting countries have increased the importance of the issue.
Mehdi Khorsand – Expert on Eurasia affairs

Europe’s Objective behind Mediating between Azerbaijan, Armenia

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: With regard to Russia’s active role playing in the 2020 dispute between Baku and Yerevan over Karabakh, European mediation in this case is an important point that needs to be carefully considered.
Mehdi Khorsand – Expert on China and Eurasia affairs

Preserving Tension along Russia & Ukraine Border; the U.S. Preferred Strategy

Strategic council Online – Opinion: Tension between Ukraine and Russia can be interpreted and evaluated in line with mega scale analyses of international transition period. Russia under Putin, and in line with Neo-Euro Asianism Strategy which was theorized for the country by Aleksandr Dugin, tried to consider Post-Soviet Independent Countries as “Near Abroad” and to take action with a suspicious look towards the West, to make effort to confront and to reduce the influence of the West in security structures of the region.
Mehid Khoorsand, Expert on China and Euro-Asia

Strengthening Eastward Look in Future Government of Armenia

Strategic Council Online – Holding early parliamentary elections in Armenia on June 20 and victory of the “Civil Contract” Party led by “Nikol Pashinyan” with 53.92% of the votes can be studied in several ways.
Mehdi Khorsand – Expert on China and Eurasia affairs