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The internal crisis of the Zionist regime and the escape of Bennett’s cabinet from a definite defeat

Strategic Council Online: Opinion: The new cabinet of the Zionist regime came to power in June 2021 with only 61 supporting deputies; But after going through various ups and downs, this cabinet finally faced its biggest internal crisis in the recent month. The two-pronged crisis began with the resignation of Aydit Silman, a member of the Yaminah party, and led to the suspension of the United Arab List-Raam party’s cooperation with the cabinet following the escalation of clashes between Jews and Muslims at Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Mansoor Barati, Researcher of Zionist regime issues

Dimensions of Domestic Policy of Zionist Regime, Its Regional Impacts

Strategic Council Online – An expert on Zionist regime’s affairs, stating that it is not clear if the new coalition government in the Zionist regime can last up to about six months and that it has a low degree of resilience, said: The Netanyahu-Bin Zayed-Bin Salman bloc has practically disintegrated, and it looks like we will have a weaker Israel in the regional equation.