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Yemen Peace Talks in Practice

Strategic Council Online: An expert on West Asia affairs says that the most important difference between the current Yemeni peace talks and the previous round of talks is that the Yemeni delegation has been able to sit at the negotiation table despite all the complications surrounding the crisis.

Behind the Scene Escalation of Military Incursions into Hudaydah

Strategic Council Online: Drastic escalation of air, land and sea raids in the province of Hudaydah, in the west coast of Yemen and intensification of the military operations by the aggressor forces of Saudi-UAE coalition on the areas around port city of Hudaydah represent new decisions adopted over the past couple of weeks and implemented with the logistical support of the United States and France: Decisions based on the overall and imaginative strategy of Saudi-Emirati alliance in order to take over the capital city of Sanaa on the one hand and on the other hand, the decisions that have targeted getting concessions under the current political circumstances in the peace talks.