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Sovereignty Claim over Aegean islands, Prospect of Greece-Turkey Tensions

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Turkey affairs, stressing that Turkey’s claims to sovereignty over the Aegean islands will not go beyond verbal claims, said: Turkey feels that so far in tensions it has had with Greece it has been left alone by NATO and under this situation, with warnings it tries to persuade them to judge fairly about the Greek military movements in the islands.

US Objectives behind Prolonging Ukraine War

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: There are several indications that the United States is seeking to “prolong the war” in Ukraine.
Hamid Khoshayand – Expert on regional affairs

Consequences of Sweden, Finland Membership in NATO

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A member of the faculty of the Institute for Strategic Studies said that membership of Sweden and Finland is a turning point in NATO power and the global balance among great powers, adding: Given this level of differences between Russia and NATO, the situation will not return to the time before the Ukraine war, Russia may want to change the situation and, for example, Putin will not participate in the 2024 elections and with the presence of someone else in power, Russia’s position will be adjusted and reformed.

British security pact with Sweden and Finland; Trends and Consequences

Strategic Council Online: Interview: Referring to Britain’s efforts to take the lead in defending Eastern and Northern Europe against Russia, a European affairs expert said Britain wanted to return to its former role in European defense and security by strengthening Eastern and Northern Europe and revive an “Atlanticist approach” which defines Europe’s security and defense under the umbrella of NATO and US bases in Europe.

Intensification of Major Powers Military & Economic Competitions in North Pole

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: North Pole is as an inhabitable and in the meantime, a crucial region among the countries located there. In view of global warming during the past decade, its importance has much increased, and the peripheral countries of the North Pole have thus demanded a more crucial and more powerful presence in this part of the Earth.
Morteza Makki, Expert on European Affairs

Strategic Consequences for NATO Membership of Sweden & Finland

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: During the recent day, we witnessed that Sweden and Finland expressed their decision to join NATO. Traditionally, the two countries have followed the policy of non-membership in any alliance. Even during the Cold War, they adhered to their policy. The neutrality policy was also considered as an important factor to secure the stability of North Europe by Moscow, which had been admitted by European countries as well.
Dr. Mohammad Medhi Mazaheri, University Professor

Strategic Consequences of Sweden & Finland Membership in NATO

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Board member of Research Institute of Strategic Studies stated that Sweden and Finland membership in NATO will make security ambience of Europe more challenging. He said:” NATO strengthening will give the U.S. an upper hand to further contain China; because with further strengthening of unity and stronger military power of the European section of NATO, Europeans’ partnership will further boost to contain Russia, and the U.S. can concentrate on China’s containment with an upper hand”.

China-Finland Relations in Line with Building Arctic Silk Road

Strategic Council Online – Guest Opinion: It is predicted that by 2030 the Arctic will be without significant ice during the summer. This major environmental challenge could prepare trade routes for international transit, an opportunity that China is pursuing by developing offshore projects in line with Building the Arctic Silk Road.
Maryam Varij Kazemi – Researcher on geopolitical issues

EU Performance on Corona Crisis

Strategic Council Online: European convergence has declined in recent years due to the Brexit or coming to power of right-wing parties, and today the outbreak of corona and its economic implications could deepen these crises and differences.
Alireza Thamoudi – European Affairs Expert