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Consequences of elections in Hungary for the European Union

Strategic Council Online-opinion: The recent elections in Hungary, concurrent with the war in Ukraine, caused great sensitivities in this country and in the European Union. In this election, Victor Urban, the leader of Fitz ruling party, ran against Peter Marquise, the leader of a six-party coalition opposition. All opposition parties seemed to see the defeat of Urban and Fitz in the parliamentary elections as their common goal. The European Union also followed the elections closely; But despite the predictable outcome of the election, little hope for Hungarian reformists as well as Brussels leaders was dashed, and the Fitz party was declared the winner with more than half of the vote.
Hossein Sayyahi—Researcher of international issue

Roots and Implications of Ukraine War

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine showed that most of the predictions that considered the idea of an attack a mere propaganda ploy and the conspiracy of Western media or regarded the interwoven global economy an obstacle hindering outbreak of war were not accurate enough.
Seyed Nader Nourbakhsh – Expert on Europe affairs

Consequences of Tensions between Russia & NATO

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Tension between Russia and NATO has entered into new stage during the recent months. Verbal assaults of NATO and EU members against Russia continue in different ways. Russia opponents believe that Putin who misses the former Soviet Union is recreating Russian influenced region in the East. As they believe, he who considers the dismemberment of the Soviet Union as Geopolitical Tragedy knows that he intends to review the post-Soviet Union international order and acquires his clout over the former Soviet Union republics.
Mahmoud Fazeli, Analyst of International Issues

Severe Asylum Crisis on Poland-Belarus Border, EU’s Anti-Human Rights Approach

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An analyst of Europe affairs, while pointing to the dire condition of asylum seekers and human rights abuses in Europe against them, said: Far right-wing tendencies and partisan and national interests are very strong in the behavior of the EU which has endangered the lives of many asylum seekers.

Iron Wall Policy & Human Rights Claims in Europe?!

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: A new wave of migration has been formed in the eastern borders of the European Union once again in recent days. Immigrants from predominantly crisis-hit countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria are trying to reach the EU member states, but what seems different this time from other cases is Europe’s finger of accusation which is pointed at Belarus.
Hossein Sayyahi – Researcher on international affairs

Belarus; Another challenge in relations between the EU and Russia

Strategic Council Online- Relations between Brussels and Minsk has entered into a new challenge within the past few days. Belarussian government made the Ryan Air flight, flying from Greece to Lithuania carrying Roman Protasevich, an opposition journalist of Belarus government, to land at Minsk International Airport escorted by a fighter jet. European leaders have called the measure of Lukashenko as hijacking. On the other side, Lukashenko considers the imposition of sanctions by the EU as an effort to instigate his domestic opponents and to destabilize Belarus.
Alireza Samoodi, European Analyst

Perspective of Moscow-Washington relations during the Biden administration

Strategic Council Online-Editorial: The interference of the White House in the domestic affairs of Russia during the past one month concerning the Alexi Navalny issue indicated that the Biden administration is profiting from the tools of democracy and human rights for its own interest in order to obtain maximal interests in the global order. And this is an issue which can cause more frictions in the relations between the United States and Russia as Russia believes that the West presents a two-direction and conflicting definition of concrete concepts such as freedom, human rights and democracy.
Dr. Ahmad Vakhishteh, professor of the International Relations Faculty of the National Eurasia University

Corona Crisis & Strengthening Nationalist Approach Globally

Strategic Council Online – COVID 19 has been stagnating the world economy for at least a decade, and instead of countries working together to counter the coronavirus, we are witnessing a series of rivalries and political work. This process has largely called into question globalization and strengthened nationalism.
Dr. Abdolreza Farajirad – Geopolitical Analyst

‘Club of Sanctioned’ Initiative to Counter US Sanctions

Strategic Council Online: In case of establishment of the ‘Club of Sanctioned’ the effectiveness of the sanctions tools, including synergies between the economies of the sanctioned countries, by using techniques such as expanding multilateral pacts, creating alternative financial messengers for SWIFT and initiating new financial platforms make these countries immune from US trade sanctions.

– Seyyed Mohammad Reza Mousavi / Political Economy Researcher, Office of Economic Diplomacy Studies, Imam Sadegh University
– Amir Hossein Arabpour / International Political Marketing Researcher, Office of Economic Diplomacy Studies, Imam Sadegh University