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Weakening American position; reviving the left in Latin America

Strategic Council Online—Interview: The present conditions in Latin America suggest that the leftist movements now have the possibility of revival in this region, a university professor said, adding that such a possibility has been provided not only for domestic conditions but also for the weakening US position as a superpower.

Demand for Change: Key Factor in Latin American Protests

Strategic Council Online: In addition to the US desire for Socialists to quit power, the elements and components of Latin America’s internal developments are in the process of changing. Meantime, inefficiencies in management, efforts to stay in power more, erosion in the process, and the emergence of generations seeking change are among the factors causing tensions and shifting powers in this geographic area.
Hadi Alami Fariman – Latin American Affairs Expert

Implications of Resurgence of Leftists in Argentina

Strategic Council Online: IRI former ambassador to Venezuela Ahmad Sobhani, stating that avoiding America today is becoming a principle in Latin America, said: “Although the situation in Argentina is not expected to introduce big reforms, however there will be positive changes.”