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Necessity of Global Stand against U.S. Sanctions

Strategic Council Online- Interview: Having pointed out the recent statement issued by thirty countries including Iran, China, Russia, Palestine, Belarus, Pakistan, Egypt, Venezuela and Bolivia on condemning to resort the coercive unilateral measures such as sanctions against developing countries, an expert on the U.S. said:” It is obvious that when the U.S. pressurizes countries under the pretext of sanctions, those countries try to both minimize their dependence on the U.S. economy and maximize their capacities to boost their cooperation with other countries subjected to similar sanctions”.

US Failure in Realizing Objectives in Afghanistan

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on US affairs commenting on whether Washington’s decision to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan is taking place at a time when the country has achieved its objectives or the decision indicates the ineffectiveness of the US strategy in Afghanistan, said: The US officials had set two targets at the time of the invasion of Afghanistan; the first was the fight against al-Qaeda terrorism and the second was the establishment of peace, stability and democracy in Afghanistan. But now that their forces are leaving Afghanistan, they claim that their mission has only been to eliminate al-Qaeda terrorism, and in this regard, they cite the killing of Osama bin Laden, the leader of that terrorist movement, as evidence to their claim.

Direction of Increasing Dipoles in the United States

Strategic Council Online – An expert on American affairs said: Some of Trump’s supporters believe that the American identity should be preserved and that the United States is defined by its European descent, including the whites and the Protestants; but Trump’s opponents believe that the American society is a multiracial and mosaic society, and that all races should be involved in the affairs of the society and in the administration.

Why foreign policy was lacking in Joe Biden’s inauguration speech?

Strategic Council Online—Interview: An analyst of America issues says Joe Biden’s inauguration speech demonstrated that domestic issues of the United States is put on the spotlight while foreign policy has been sidelined as Americans are facing identity threats from inside.

Biden-Trump Foreign Policy Differences, Similarities

Strategic Council Online: An expert on American affairs believes that although there are meaningful differences between the viewpoints of Trump’s team with Biden’s team towards foreign policy, in some cases, the next US administration may continue the path of the previous administration. As an example, Biden’s United States is likely to continue its pressures on NATO members to increase their share of the NATO military spending.

Risks & Opportunities in Trump’s Coronavirus Infection

Strategic Council Online – Polls are not in Trump’s favour right now; in fact, within a week, Joe Biden’s distance from Donald Trump in the total polls published by the RCP site increased by about three per cent, from 6.1 to 9.2 per cent. This trend is not good news for Trump if it continues. However, the polls cannot be taken for granted to say that public opinion has become against Trump.
Amir Ali Abolfath – Expert on American Affairs

Reasons for Trump’s Stubbornness in Peaceful Transfer of Power

Strategic Council Online – Donald Trump’s recent remarks on lack of commitment to a peaceful transfer of power can be evaluated from two aspects; one related to the nature and the rules of the elections in the United States and the mail-in elections process in that country, and the other related to his personal and psychological characteristics that he is not prepared at all to accept defeat.
Amir Ali Abolfath – Expert on American Affairs

World Health Organization; Victim of Trump’s Incompetence

Strategic Council Online: US President Ronald Trump is under intense public pressure these days, and the evidence points to negligence and uncertainty in crisis management in the United States, which has made the situation in the country very critical. Now the president of the United States is looking for a victim to put the blame on, and to hold that institution or organization responsible for this scandal.
Amir Ali Abolfatah – American affairs expert

American Public Opinion Approach on Trump’s Anti-Iranian Actions

Strategic Council Online: Republicans will keep threatening Iran as long as outbreak of war is unlikely. Democrats strongly condemn Trump’s order to assassinate Lt. Gen. Qassem Suleimani, but Republicans do not; however, they disagree on whether the assassination was necessary or not.
Amir Ali Abolfatah – American Affairs expert

Reasons and Implications of US Attack on Iraq’s Hashd al-Shaabi

Strategic Council Online: The United States bombed five strongholds of Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces) in al-Qa’im near the Iraqi-Syrian border on Sunday, December 29, 2019 which left 25 martyrs and more than 50 injured. The Americans claim the attack was in response to an attack on December 27 on an Iraqi military base where a group of US troops were also deployed. During the attack, several Americans and a number of Iraqi Army forces were injured and a US civilian contractor was killed.

Trump’s Attempt to Subjugate the American Intelligence Community

Strategic Council Online: An American affairs expert, citing the resignation of Dan Coats, US National Intelligence Director and Trump’s tweet on his replacement, said Trump has no fears in dismissing those who stand in his way so the successor of Coats has to make the intelligence community more obedient to Mr Trump.