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Prospect of Launching ‘One Belt One Road’ Initiative

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: During a visit to Kazakhstan and Indonesia in September and October 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping raised the joint initiative of the 21st century known as “One Belt One Road”; he introduced this plan as the main axis of his foreign and domestic policy. Currently, 145 countries of the world are part of China’s large economic project.
Ali Khansari – International affairs analyst

Russia, China Taking Big Step for Phasing Out Dollar

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: China and Russia also want to create a financial system outside the US supervision that will have sufficient authority and power in the world.
Ali Khansari – International affairs analyst

Managed Challenges in Washington-Beijing relations

Strategic Council Online—Note: China and the United States are trying to reduce the probable damage in their economy through appropriate measures in order to prevent their tension exceeding the conventional limit.
Ali Khansari—International issues analyst