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Turkey’s Strategic Targets in Afghanistan

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A university professor, stating that Turkey has a strategic and economic motivation to be present in Afghanistan, suggested that in the near future we will be witness to the extensive talks between the Taliban and Turkey.

Necessity of talks between the Taliban and the opposition and listening to public protests

Strategic Council Online—Interview: Advisor to the former president of Afghanistan says the Taliban were worried that with the continuation of resistance in Panjshir, nationwide protests and uprising could be formed across whole Afghanistan, adding that protests would definitely continue in Afghanistan in various forms as the majority of the Afghans do not agree with a phenomenon called Taliban.

Afghan asylum seekers; Neighbors’ Role & Responsibility of International Community

Strategic Council Online- Interview: Former Director of the Logistics Headquarter of Afghanistan at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs having stated that countries and international bodies should fulfill their responsibilities by receiving Afghan asylum seekers and put their full weight behind Iran said:” Iran’s hospitality extended to the asylum seekers will, in fact, prevent them to head towards other regions and European countries.

Behind the Scenes of Terrorist Acts in Afghanistan

Strategic Council Online – An expert on the Subcontinent affairs in connection with the recent explosion in front of a girls’ school in Kabul that killed and injured a large number of innocent Afghan people and children, said that no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Prospect of Inter-Afghan talks

Strategic Council Online – An expert on the Subcontinent affairs said: The Taliban believe that the current government of Afghanistan is not a government to be dealt with, therefore, it should step down and an interim government should come to power so that perhaps negotiations can move forward.

Analyzing Taliban’s Interest in Power Sharing

Strategic Council Online – An analyst of Afghanistan developments says the recent Taliban positions show some flexibility in the group’s past positions. “If there is to be an agreement between the government and the Taliban in the Afghan peace process, the Taliban integration process in the society must take place with necessary expediency and wisdom and must be heeded by the government and establishment.in Afghanistan.

Strategic Implications of US Troops Pullout from Afghanistan

Strategic Council Online: According to the agreement reached between the United States and the Taliban in March 2018, the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan will begin and by mid-July (July 2020) the number of US combat troops will reach 8600 persons. This is happening at a time when the bilateral security agreement between the United States and the Afghan government is still valid. In addition, in recent months, the activities of terrorist groups in Afghanistan have not diminished, but in addition to the Taliban’s spring attacks, ISIS terrorist activities in Afghanistan are taking civilian tolls from among the oppressed people of Afghanistan, and the atmosphere of insecurity has not changed. Although the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan is important, it may have significant implications for the future of Afghanistan and the region, given the shortcomings and negligence in fulfilling their commitments, especially in the field of training Afghan forces. Americans should accept responsibility and pay the damages.
Seyed Mostafa Hashemi – Afghan Affairs Expert

Prospect of Peace Talks in Light of New Developments in Afghanistan

Strategic Council Online: It looks like eventually US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, who is in Kabul, will intervene in the current governance process in Afghanistan and bring Abdullah Abdullah to the negotiating table: A situation similar to what happened when John Kerry was in office; that is today a new government will be formed with some differences. In this new government, space will also be opened for the Taliban, and Zalmay will probably succeed in bringing the three currents – Ashraf Ghani, Abdullah Abdullah and Taliban to the negotiating table to pull Afghanistan out of the current situation.
Pir Mohammad Molazehi – Indian Subcontinent Affairs Expert

Prospect of Peace Talks with the Taliban

Strategic Council Online: The biggest challenge facing Afghan peace talks in Moscow and Doha at present is that the Taliban believe the Afghan government is a puppet state and has no legitimacy.
Nozar Shafiei – Expert on Subcontinent Affairs

Prospects of US Peace Talks with the Taliban

Strategic Council Online: For the real progress of the peace talks, the Taliban must accept to enter into negotiations with the central government and Khalilzad and the Americans must accept to pull out their troops from Afghanistan.
Pir Mohammad Mollazehi – Expert on the Indian Affairs in the Subcontinent

Intra-Afghan Conference in Moscow: Dimensions and Outcomes

Strategic Council Online: In the context of the Moscow Conference, it seems that a declaration that could be endorsed by all sides is very important because it shows that the Taliban are prepared to sit at the negotiation table and, in the meantime accept the distribution of power and stop monopolism.
Pir Mohammad Mollazehi – Expert on the Subcontinent Affairs

US Goals behind Afghan Peace

Strategic Council Online: The United States seeks to empower the Taliban in the first phase, and next, if the Taliban came to power through elections, Washington will accept their role. As a result, Zalmai Khalilzad is working behind the scene to strike a deal between the Taliban and the central Afghan government.
Pir-Mohammad Molazehi – Expert on Sub-continental affairs

Negotiations with the Taliban!

Strategic Council Online: The idea of peace talks with the Taliban was raised from the early years of the US-NATO war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and after failure of the foreign forces to defeat the group was placed on the agenda of the parties fighting extremism.
Mohammad Reza Asgari Moroudi – Senior Researcher on Asian Affairs

U.S. and the Afghanistan peace process

Strategic Council Online: The United States seems to be pursuing two main goals in Afghanistan: First make the Taliban part of the power in Afghanistan, that is to put other parties and groups that are opposed to the Taliban in a position to accept the Taliban’s share of power. The second goal is to have a state entirely aligned with Washington’s goals.
Pir Mohammad Molazehi, Expert on Afghanistan Affairs