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Importance, Consequences of Joint Armenia-Azerbaijan Boundary Commission

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Senior researcher on Central Asia and Caucasus affairs, saying that approvals of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Boundary Commission should not be a prelude to changing the geographical borders in the region, noted: Iran can assist the peace talks in Karabakh so that by stabilizing borders and establishing calm measures can be taken for the future development of the region.

Prospects of Using National Currencies in Trade with Neighboring Countries

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Given the US unilateral sanctions, can trade with the neighboring countries on the basis of national currencies be considered as a solution to mitigate effects of the sanctions?
Reza Majidzadeh – Simorgh Development Working Group, Pasargad Millennium Plan Think Tank

Biden’s US Targets of New Intervention in the Region

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on US affairs, commenting on the US President Joe Biden’s recent claims that one of the reasons for the US military presence outside the borders, including deployment of US troops in the Persian Gulf region such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria, is Iran’s regional activities, said: Although there are talks over a change in Washington’s approach in the Middle East region in line with implementation of Biden’s stated policies in that region, in general, it seems that the main foundations of the US foreign policy in the region have not changed much, rather the process of implementation of its policies has been subject to changes.

Strategic Outcomes of Effort Made by Iraqi Shi’ite Parties to Achieve Political Agreement

Strategic Council Online- Interview: An expert on Iraqi commented on the recent meeting held among Shi’ite parties inside Iraq at Al-Ameri’s house and said:” It seems that timewise, as we distance from the election, Iraqi trends and political groups of the country cope with the results of the election better than ever in the past and go ahead towards political counselling to form the cabinet and select the heads of three powers i.e. President, Speaker of the Parliament and Prime Minister”.

Iran Gas Swap with Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan Brings Strategy of Zionist Regime under Question

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The importance, opportunities and benefits that Iran’s gas swap agreement with Turkmenistan and the Republic of Azerbaijan enjoys have caused concern for the Zionist regime, as the agreement is in opposition to the Israeli plans in the region that seek to destroy and weaken Iran’s foreign relations, especially with Central Asian and South Caucasus countries.
Barsam Mohammadi – Expert on regional affairs