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Britain’s active role in trapping Russia in the Ukrainian quagmire

Strategic Council Online-Interview: An expert of European affairs says the Ukraine crisis has changed many political and security equations, and Russia’s relations with the West and Britain can no longer be interpreted in the same way as in the past, adding that as Russia’s power in the world and in Europe diminishes, the role and position of Britain and NATO will increase, and London’s influence on European developments will be enhanced.

Strategic Consequences of the U.S. & the West Sanctions against Russia

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert of Technology Studies Institute affiliated to the Presidency stated that after of imposition of extensive sanctions against Russia, the gap already existed between the East and the West will be further widened and international cooperation will be weakened. He said:” although the Russian economy will be weakened, but after the imposition of such a broad range of sanctions, the West will practically drive Russia closer to China. From this point of view and at strategic level, the recent developments have also been proceeded to the detriment of the U.S. and the West”.

Consequences of elections in Hungary for the European Union

Strategic Council Online-opinion: The recent elections in Hungary, concurrent with the war in Ukraine, caused great sensitivities in this country and in the European Union. In this election, Victor Urban, the leader of Fitz ruling party, ran against Peter Marquise, the leader of a six-party coalition opposition. All opposition parties seemed to see the defeat of Urban and Fitz in the parliamentary elections as their common goal. The European Union also followed the elections closely; But despite the predictable outcome of the election, little hope for Hungarian reformists as well as Brussels leaders was dashed, and the Fitz party was declared the winner with more than half of the vote.
Hossein Sayyahi—Researcher of international issue

Consequences of Sanctions on Russia

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Targeted economic sanctions by the European Union and the United States will impose costs on the Russian economy. But sanctions have not yet convinced Russia to change its policy toward Ukraine.
Pouria Nabipour – PhD in political science and international relations

China’s Considerations, Concerns about Ukraine War

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: The stance of “neither support nor opposition of China” towards Russia’s war against Ukraine is due to the fact that the country, on the one hand, has some strong incentives for supporting Russia and Moscow’s victory in confronting the West and, on the other hand, is concerned about the negative consequences of Russian sanctions and their repetition.
Dr. Tahmoures Gholami – Expert on international affairs

Impact of Ukraine Crisis on Energy Market, Opportunity ahead

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: After the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, two important events occurred in the energy market; first, the negative expectation shock in the field of oil supply, which led to an unprecedented rise in oil prices in recent years and second, the European and American approach to Russian energy (oil and gas) imports has intensified efforts to find alternative resources.
Reza Majidzadeh – Director of Simorgh Development Working Group, Pasargad Millennium Plan Institute

Lessons of Ukraine War for China

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: As long as China will not achieve a much higher position than it does today in the hierarchy of power of the international system, in the case of Taiwan it will not resort to the same way that Russia did to Ukraine. The West’s coherence in the Russian embargo was instructive for Beijing that the West merely wants an excuse in a legitimate form to weaken its rivals and enemies.
Dr. Fatemeh Nakolalazad – International affairs researcher

Prospect of Russia’s Conditions Fulfillment for Ending the War in Ukraine in Ukraine

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on strategic affairs, stating that Russia’s record in the war and the extensive sanctions against that country has brought the correctness of Moscow’s decision for starting the war under question, said: such conditions do not provide a clear prospect for the fulfillment of Putin’s conditions for ending the war, and as time goes on and the war erodes, it can be expected that Russia will reconsider its terms or basically abandon continuation of the war.

The West’s Interest to the Attrition of the Russian War in Ukraine

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Ukraine crisis is one the important issues before Biden’s Administration in the field of foreign policy which is considered in a way as the continuation of crisis in Crimea peninsula annexed to Russia in 2014.
Dr. Fatemeh Nekoo Laal Azad, Expert of international issues

Europe’s Strategic Need for Diversification of Gas Supply Resources, Onward Options

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: In the contemporary world, many and serious changes are taking place in the players and effective variables, resources and control methods in the field of international politics; but for the Europeans, limited access to diverse energy resources, as well as problems with safe and cheap access to resources such as gas, especially after it became clear that the tool could be used as a political lever, has made energy resources and their transfer lines into a very important and vital factor in the field of international politics and international security. In this regard, recent developments in oil and gas exporting countries have increased the importance of the issue.
Mehdi Khorsand – Expert on Eurasia affairs

Macron’s Unsuccessful Visit to Russia & Failure of France’s Effort on Ukraine Crisis

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Having stated in the course of crises over Ukraine, Russia managed to act so powerfully to make the French President visit Moscow, a Tehran University professor said:” it seems that Russian President in his meeting did not find Europe capable and serious enough to play an effective role concerning de-escalation in connection with Ukraine. That’s why he employed the leverage to recognize the independence of the two republics of Ukraine”.

Turkey’s Approach on Ukraine Crisis

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Turkey affairs, commenting on the recent efforts by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to resolve the Ukraine crisis, said: As tensions between Russia and Ukraine increase, consultations were made in the form of mediation by some countries, including the Europeans, to reduce tensions between the two countries, and in the midst of such consultations, Turkey’s involvement in that issue was significant.

Electricity Crisis in Iraq; US Policy

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: One of the reasons for the continuous protests of the Iraqi society is the electricity crisis in that country, because the amount of electricity generation in that country is not enough to provide the amount of energy needed by the citizens.
Najmieh Pouresmaeili – Expert on West Asia affairs

Impact of Interdependence of Europe, Russia on Its Approach towards Ukraine Crisis

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Europe affairs, commenting on the recent visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Russia and his meeting with Vladimir Putin on the Ukraine crisis, said: Consultations of European governments, especially France and Germany, have intensified with the possibility of Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

Ukraine Crisis & New Security Order in Europe

Strategic Council Online –Guest Post: The U.S. and its Western allies have put their forces into alert status and are deploying more warships ad fighters to the Eastern Europe that indicates rising concerns about the occurrence of a probable clash in the East Europe.
Mohsen Sharif Khodaei, Analyst of European Affairs

Repercussions of the U.S. Sanction Policies in Latin America

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Latin America witnessed an intensive period of presidential, parliamentary and local elections that created an upheaval turn in the policies of the regional countries. Within the past few months, the victory of justice-oriented parties in some of Latin American countries, especially the victory of leftist candidate in Chilean presidential election challenged Washington’s effort to preserve its interventionist position in the region.
Mahmoud Fazeli, Analyst of International Affairs

Strategic Message of Iran, Russia and China Joint Naval Exercise

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Commander of the Navy of the Army stated that the joint naval exercise of Iran, Russia and China, by displaying the latest equipment, shows the depth of relations between the three countries. He, added: The exercise reminded the countries of the region as well as the sworn enemies of the IRI revolution, that independent countries by standing beside each other, could present a new model in which their functions are based on ensuring the safety and security of navigation and also leading to world peace.

US Approach to North Korea Missile Test

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on US affairs commenting on the White House approach to the North Korea supersonic missile tests said: At present, the only tool available to the US is sanctions, but even Washington knows that it cannot resort to the option of war in order to solve the North Korean problem and the only option is the same option of diplomacy.