“Not only Iran, but no country would never negotiate with other states and world powers on Its missile might; it is the right of all nations to protect and defend themselves; every country develops its defense power based on its geopolitical condition and its enemies; possessing normal weapons is an domestic and unnegotiable issue,” Hossein Sheikholeslam underlined in an interview with Strategic Council on Foreign Relations on Iran’s missile might.

“Iran was entirely alone during the Imposed War with Iraq and would never forget the experience of 8-year invasion; US, Zionists and Saudi Arabia armed Iraq and even delivered chemical weapons to Saddam and now they expect Iran to negotiate with them on its security; this is unacceptable,” he regretted and continued “Iranian were bombarded heavily without having any defensive means; today the decision of the nation is to develop missile might and fortunately we have had good progress in this regard.”

Sheikholeslam underlined that putting pressure on Iran and imposing sanctions against it would not work as it had not worked in the past; “this has been their approach since Islamic Revolution; they consider Iran’s achievements in the region as threats and that’s why they have focused on its missile program and defense might.”

The analyst also noted that stability and peace in the region would result in welfare and progress, which in contrast with interests of some certain countries; “US, Israeli regime and Saudi Arabia make conflicts in the region to justify their meddling as efforts for peace building.”