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Iran’s 40 Years of Strife

Madrid – The 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution could have offered the West an opportunity to reflect on the failure of four decades of disengagement to bring the Islamic Republic any closer to collapse, or the region any closer to peace. Instead, the Trump administration has doubled down on hostility, with nothing to show for it.
Javier Solana – President of the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics

Political Insight and Regional Cooperation

Strategic Council Online: The President of Strategic Council on Foreign Relations said illusionary Iranophobia made by the United States, with the cooperation of the Zionist regime, resulted not only in the plunder of the wealth of Arab states but also it produced the normalization of their relations with the Zionist regime.

Another Victory for the People of Yemen

Strategic Council Online: Despite a ceasefire agreement the Coalition of aggressors against Yemen continues its obstructions and attacks on civilian areas. Also, the Stockholm conference has not achieved tangible results to end the five-year crisis in Yemen.

Disintegration of Yemen; the Wish of the Aggressors

Strategic Council Online: One of the most dramatic scenarios for the regional Coalition and the Western countries is an attempt to disintegrate and split Yemen and that too with the aim of undermining Yemen so that a powerful and democratic government would not come into power alongside the borders of Saudi kingdom.
Jafar Ghanadbashi, expert on West Asian affairs

US Intention behind Holding Anti-Iranian Confab in Poland

Strategic Council Online: Washington by holding such a meeting is seeking to isolate Iran and forge a consensus against Tehran, however, if the countries refuse to attend the conference, the United States will not achieve its goal.
Abdolreza Faraji Rad – University Lecturer on Geopolitics

US Goals behind Afghan Peace

Strategic Council Online: The United States seeks to empower the Taliban in the first phase, and next, if the Taliban came to power through elections, Washington will accept their role. As a result, Zalmai Khalilzad is working behind the scene to strike a deal between the Taliban and the central Afghan government.
Pir-Mohammad Molazehi – Expert on Sub-continental affairs

Scenarios of Yemeni Peace Talks

Strategic Council Online: An expert on West Asian affairs believes that the most likely scenario for the future of peace in Yemen is the continuation of the bilateral and multilateral negotiations, in parallel with the Saudi obstructions and repeated violations of the ceasefire provisions.

Syrian Dossier Enters Political Phase

Strategic Council Online: The Syrian dossier has reached a crucial and decisive stage this year. The widespread security crisis imposed on Syria by the crisis generating regional and international actors since 2011, with the aim of overthrowing the Syrian state and disturbing the balance of power in the region to the disadvantage of the Resistance, has reached its final stages thanks to the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Resistance Forces as well as Russia’s assistance. Therefore, the year 2018 could be called the year of shifting the Syrian dossier into the political phase.
Ahmad Zarean – University Lecturer & Senior Expert on Strategic Affairs

Signals of Failed US Anti-Palestine Resolution

Strategic Council Online: A resolution that would have condemned the Palestinian group Hamas and its attacks on Israel failed to pass the United Nations on Thursday, despite an aggressive campaign by the United States and Israel to cast it as a vote on peace and terrorism.
Hassan Hanizadeh – Middle East Expert

Mohammed Bin Saddam

Strategic Council Online: The internal and foreign policies of the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, including domestic suppression amidst superficial reforms, aggression against other countries and subservience to foreign powers, have prompted some people to draw a comparison between him and the deceased Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.
Davoud Ahmadzadeh, Middle East Affairs Expert

Consequences of Presence of Warmongering Trio in Trump Cabinet

Strategic Council Online: After Donald Trump was elected as the president of the United States, since he did not have diplomatic and political experience, the Republican Party, or the shadow government and behind the scene influential persons appointed individuals to guide Trump; these included Rex Tillerson as the Secretary of State; James Mattis as Secretary of Defense and General Herbert McMaster as National Security Advisor.
Tahmores Gholami -American Affairs Expert

Yemen Peace Talks in Practice

Strategic Council Online: An expert on West Asia affairs says that the most important difference between the current Yemeni peace talks and the previous round of talks is that the Yemeni delegation has been able to sit at the negotiation table despite all the complications surrounding the crisis.

Idea of Intra-Civilizational Dialogue in Muslim World

Strategic Council Online: President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations Dr. Kamal Kharrazi said the idea of reviving the Islamic civilization in the region could under the current conditions provide a good atmosphere for talks on peace and stability in the region within an intra-civilizational dialogue.

Behind the Scene Escalation of Military Incursions into Hudaydah

Strategic Council Online: Drastic escalation of air, land and sea raids in the province of Hudaydah, in the west coast of Yemen and intensification of the military operations by the aggressor forces of Saudi-UAE coalition on the areas around port city of Hudaydah represent new decisions adopted over the past couple of weeks and implemented with the logistical support of the United States and France: Decisions based on the overall and imaginative strategy of Saudi-Emirati alliance in order to take over the capital city of Sanaa on the one hand and on the other hand, the decisions that have targeted getting concessions under the current political circumstances in the peace talks.

Iran Disappointed with SPV Implementation

Strategic Council Online: President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations says the implementation process of the EU Financial Mechanism (SPV) is disappointing.

Europe’s Failure to Comply with JCPOA ‍Can Lead to Regional Instability

Strategic Council Online: President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations Dr Kamal Kharrazi says Europe’s compliance with the Iran Nuclear Agreement (also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) is a good indication as to whether EU can be trusted on its other initiatives. “Europe’s failure to comply with the JCPOA could result in regional instability,” Kharrazi noted.