Hassan HaaniZade, an expert on international affairs in an interview with the site of Strategic Council for Foreign Relations touched upon the report published by Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) affiliated to the United Nations in which it has published news about the continuity of discrimination against ethnical minorities in the Netherlands and stated:” within the past recent months, Dutch police has inhumanely and under different pretexts assaulted Muslims and blacks residing in the Netherlands. This has severely questioned the peaceful life among religious minorities and the Dutch citizens.

According to the expert, there have been hundreds of savage assaults by racist Dutch citizens on black men and women residing in the Netherlands within the past year. Having availed themselves of the intensification of measures against Muslims and the colored who reside in the Netherlands, the rightist parties fanned the racism in the country.

HaaniZade said that out of 16 million living in the Netherlands, one million are Muslims and two million are African descents. He continued that the government has approved laws through which they imposed some restrictions on those foreign nationals residing in the country however the Jewish residents were excluded from those restrictions”.

He stressed:” the ban on echoing call for pray (Adhan), banning Islamic hijab for Muslim women, restricting intra-cities trips for Muslim of the Netherlands are considered as part of the racist government’s behaviors of the country against Muslims and other migrants”.

He said the Netherlands is located in the North East of Europe with an area of about 41520 sq. kilometers. He added that the country has registered a long record of slavery and compulsory labor force from 17th to 19th centuries”.

HaaniZade continued:” the country achieved her independence from Spain in 1566. Having exploited their skills in maritime industry in a short time, the Dutch managed to expand their colonialism from East Asia to South Africa and North America”.

The expert on international affairs explained the history of the racist policies of the Netherlands:” Slavery and transfer of African blacks from Africa to Europe and North America is considered only as a part of racist policies of the country during 17th and 18th centuries”.
He added:” It is said that during the colonial period of bloody and dark Dutch empire over South East Asian and North American countries nearly one million slaves were killed under the torture of Dutch merchants”.

Having mentioned that the small European country continued to exploit black slaves as compulsory labor force until 1955, he added:” The history of the country is replete with inhuman and savage crimes against blacks”.

According to the expert, although the European countries such as the Netherlands claim to defend freedom, democracy and equality but with the victory of the Rightist parties and fractions affiliated to the global Zionism in the recent parliamentary election in Europe particularly in the Netherlands, racism and Islamophobia as a phenomenon has been exacerbated once compared with previous years.

He stressed:” Some of Rightist parties of the Netherlands have recently claimed that Muslims and African descent population is growing. They demanded the government to expel migrants and Muslims from the Netherlands and prevent further immigration of Muslims to the country”.

The expert said:” unfortunately, organizations that claim to defend the human rights are typically impressed by Zionist lobby, have kept their lips tight against the blatant violation of human rights and suppressing the minorities residing in the Netherlands”.

Having said that the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) affiliated to the United Nations has recently issued a statement in which it has touched upon briefly the racial discrimination in the Netherlands, he then added that the statement claimed the country is heading to seriously fight against the racism phenomenon. He continued:” The report was published when hundreds of thousands of Dutch Muslims and black citizens had sent their complaints to the United Nations Secretariat and expressed concern about the blatant discrimination in the Netherlands.

HaaniZade finally underscored that this shows the Netherlands government is strongly impressed by the political and economic influence of the Zionist lobby, and in order to cater to the whims of the lobby, they intensify the pressures against the Muslims residing in the Netherlands.