Ali Abdi in an interview with the site of Strategic Council of Foreign Relations pointed out to the efforts made by the Zionist regime to accuse Iran of attacking “Mercer Street” ship, by asking NATO and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to engage in the plight. He stated:” in the light of such measures, the Zionist regime is following up her attitude to internationalize the case for confronting with Iran”.

Having stated that the attitude of the Zionist regime might have different reasons, he added:” the regime confirms indirectly that she is unable to confront with the Islamic Republic of Iran alone. This is, indeed, true that having enjoyed high military, security and intelligence capabilities and also enjoying suitable relations with Europe and the US, she is incapable to confront with Iran alone.

The analyst said:” the regime is about to engage other powers and international interventionist forces into the plight to take her own benefit. Therefore, at the first stage, she tried to make allies with the US and the UK at the UNSC which was unsuccessful. Although the US and the UK issued a statement in which they strongly supported the Zionist regime, and acknowledged the right to respond the attack for the Zionist regime, but the UK withdrew immediately somehow from her positions and left the measure taken by the Zionist regime unsuccessful.

Abdi considered the statement of the European Union and “G-7” to support the Zionist regime as a kind of success for it and continued:” the remarks made by Benny Gantz, Defense Minister of the Zionist regime, in a meeting after the attack against “Mercer Street” ship, in which the officials of the regime and the Ambassadors of the UNSC members were attending, followed the same goal. They are trying to involve NATO in the confrontation.

Having pointed out to any kind of practical measure taken by NATO against Iran in this regard to follow the Zionist regime, Abdi said:” some of the participants in the meeting had defined the remarks made by Gantz who had said “eluding of NATO from action” as rude and unwise, it seems that NATO has no interest to involve in the plight when considers the outcomes of such a dangerous measure. Moreover, due to a number of reasons, NATO does not want to involve itself directly into the plight.

Abdi continued to say that the position and weight of the Islamic Republic of Iran, her capabilities, her regional allies as well as her power to react crucially and thoughtfully are all among the most important reasons why NATO is unwilling to cater to the whims of the Zionist regime.

The expert of the Zionist regime affairs referred to the adventurism of the regime in high seas followed by her efforts to have the NATO support, and stressed:” such movements indicate deep concern and weakness of the Zionist regime in this regard. Effort to have the weight of NATO behind her is because she wants to cover the weakness.