Seyyed Sabah Zanganeh told the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations that the general policies of the Zionist Jewish parties ruling Israel aim to continue control over Palestinian territories.

Referring to the recent adventurism by the new Zionist regime government especially the continuation of attacks on the residents of Sheikh Jarah neighborhood and the issue of permit for the expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank, he said some parties in the new government of the Zionist regime may adopt more radical policies and others parties may pursue these goals differently.

He added that this regime resorts sometimes to some maneuvers in order to maintain unity and create a spirit of resistance against realities.

“For example, we now see entry into the al-Aqsa Mosque and assaults on Sheikh Jarah Neighborhood and the issue of permit for Jewish settlement expansions in the West Bank.”

Sabah Zanganeh pointed to the news in Israeli media about Zionist regime preparing an attack on Gaza within the next two months, he said “the absolute submission of the Palestinian Authority to the Zionist regime is notable. The more the Palestinian Authority makes efforts to provide security for Israel, the more Zionist will become interested in occupying Palestinian lands.”

He added that the resistance movement and the emergence of manifestations of resistance in the West Bank and occupied regions are definitely a factor which would create concerns for the Zionist regime in future as we have been witness to notable protests in such areas.

Asked about the US supports for the policies of Tel Aviv rulers, he said such support influence the policies of the new Zionist regime government towards Palestinians. He added that even though the general policies of Washington are focused on extending full support for the policies of the Zionist regime, remarks by Mr. Joe Biden when he went to the White House suggested that he was thinking of revising support policies for the Zionist regime concerning Golan Heights, re-opening of the US consulate in the eastern part of al-Quds and non-satisfaction with the expansion of Zionist settlements.

“With the formation of the Biden administration, and the exchange of delegations between Israel and the United States, the latest remarks of the Israelis indicate that a great deal of pressure has been put on Biden and his administration so that we may not witness a change of policy with regards to those three issues. As it was announced, the Golan Heights will remain occupied by Israel!”

Zanganeh said even though the new Zionist government has been formed out of a coalition among the rightist, leftist and moderate parties, we may witness more radical moves aimed at creating more unity among them. In fact, the present coalition came into power claiming to supply more security for Israel and is trying to force the leftists to comply so that they endorse measures taken by the rightist.

This expert of Western Asia affairs referred to the presence of two Arab Palestinian parties in the present fragile coalition in the Zionist regime and the impact of adventurisms against Palestinians on the performance of these two parties, and said under such conditions, Arab parties may exit this coalition and the cabinet may need to enter into a new coalition.

He referred to the efforts by Netanyahu to dissolve the government and set up another rightist government to secure his presence in power and said of course there is a concern that Netanyahu would continue his efforts to convince rightist parties to create a new tension so that Arab or leftist parties would withdraw from coalition and Netanyahu is introduced again as a more acceptable replacement.

“This may be pursued by Netanyahu despite all the problems created for him and the possibility of trial due to his corruption cases.”

Asked about the status of Palestinian groups against the Zionist regime and missile attacks and coordinated moves amongst these groups in the recent war against Zionist regions, he said in spite of the many problems faced by the Palestinian groups, the 12-day war made them closer and Israel did not expect such a response by the Palestinian groups. Under such circumstances, any new measure or attack against Gaza will not be easy for the Zionist regime.

“Moreover, the Zionist regime, in its equations, should consider the new weapons and tactics of the Palestinian resistance. This situation, even though sorrowful for the Palestinians in terms of national feelings, increased motivation and cooperation among Palestinian groups who resist against the Zionist regime.”

This expert of West Asia affairs referred to remarks by the Egyptian foreign minister on consultations with the new government of the Zionist regime on advancing the peace plan despite the measures of this government against Palestinians and said Egypt has influence and interferes in the Palestinian lands.

“This country has historical presence and is located in the immediate neighborhood of Gaza. On some occasions, Gaza was under the management of the Egyptians and some parts of the Sinai Desert was considered a Palestinian territory.”

He reminded that Palestinian movements from Gaza to Egypt are under the control of the Egyptians therefore Egyptians are present in any war or peace and want to continue having the case of Palestine and Gaza in their own hands.

Zanganeh added that Qatar is financing some Palestinian groups and tries to leave a trace and influence among them. Turkey is also trying to play a role in these areas. Definitely, there is a competition among these three countries. Turkey is trying to replace Egypt and Egypt has some sensitivities to Qatar and Turkey.

Referring to the resolute and absolute response of the resistance axis and the defeat of the Zionist regime deterrence strategy in the recent Gaza war, he said Israelis are in need of Egypt to play the role of a mediator and they do not want to lose Egypt. Attack on Gaza is generally air strikes. Israelis need Egypt and until the people of Gaza and resistance attack Israel’s strategic regions and protests are heightened in Israel, they will refer once again to Egypt to create a ceasefire and help Zionist exit from critical status.