Ahmad Haji Sadeghian addressing the Strategic Council Online website, pointed out the field and political developments in Yemen and also efforts of some countries like Oman to play intermediary role to settle the Yemeni crisis, he added: After Biden took office, the US increased her efforts to put an end to Yemeni crisis. He even appointed a special representative for Yemen affairs. They tried to proceed and to sort out the crisis by using international and regional mediators.

He said:” unfortunately, within the past month, the developments took a direction that we witnessed the efforts led to no result”. He added:” The Omani delegation headed by the Foreign Minister paid a visit to Sanaa and reached agreements with Ansarullah but the agreements led to no result.

The Yemeni expert quoted the Reuters report on the comments of two sources of Yemeni Ansarullah who had said the coalition of Saudi Arabia and Ansarullah were on the eve of peace agreement. He said in the meantime that in view of the status of political and field developments, it seems that Omani mediation was not acceptable by Saudis. For example, Mr. Hamed Aasem, a member of Ansarullah negotiating delegation in an interview with Al-Alam network said the talks led to no result. Ansarullah ceased Ma’areb operations for nearly 40 days in order to clarify the peace talk situation but the Coalition and Haadi government are not ready to agree.

Having quoted the Yemeni expert, the report published by Reuters was aiming at media publicity against Ansarullah in order not to mention the obstacles raised by the Coalition to put an end to Yemeni crisis, and to introduce Saudi Arabia Coalition as peace lover and Ansarullah as war mongers who oppose peace.

Saudi non-compliance to verbal promises

Haji Sadeghina added that:” In the course of the negotiations, Ansarullah was said that the airport is not allowed to reopen. Only al-Hodaideh port under the supervision of Saudi coalition and Al-Haadi government can be reopened. This was in contrast with the agreement between Omani delegation and Ansarullah in Sanaa, which caused Ansarullah to declare that negotiations led to no result.

Referring to Lebanese al-Akhbar daily report that Saudi Arabia did not keep verbal promises to Omani side about her agreement with separation of humane issues and other issues, he emphasized:” there is possibility that due to the recent field developments, activation of fronts and recent attacks of both sides during the recent days, we should wait for another round of spiraling tensions specially in Ma’areb front, Ansarullah missile and drone attacks against the positions of Saudi and the Coalition.

Director of Yemen desk at Mersaad think-tank pointed out that critiques of the head of negotiating delegation and official spokesperson of Ansarullah about inclusion of their name in the “black list” of the United Nations, and that the US is not serious in ceasing the war and lifting siege of Yemen and is only looking for materializing its own plans in Yemen, added that:” with the departure of Omani delegation to Sanaa, there was a light at the end of tunnel that the war would be ceased and everybody was waiting for a serious incident in this regard. But with the statements of political authorities of Haadi and Sanaa governments, it was disclosed that the negotiation led to no result.

Having explained the demands emphasized by Ansarullah in the course of negotiations for materialization of Yemeni people’s rights, stated that:” from the very beginning, Ansarullah had declared that the siege must be lifted, the comprehensive ceasefire must be applied and Saudi attacks against all Yemeni regions must be completely stopped. Afterwards, the political negotiations among Yemeni groups must be formed. Ansarullah demands were quite the same from the very beginning.

He continued:” Reopening of al-Hodaideh port and Sanaa airport must be in line with lifting the siege. But Saudis and Haadi government are not ready to accept this. They are concerned that in view of the upper hand of Ansarullah on the ground and in the field, if the siege is lifted, Ansarullah can continue to proceed and strengthen their positions and ask for greater share from the future government. This is the very issue that Saudis are not ready to accept.

The Yemeni expert added that:” it seems that the peace proposals of the US and the West were very serious, and just coincided with serious fall of Ma’areb by Ansarullah. The more Ansarullah intensifies its advancements at the brink of field victories, the more peace proposals will be on the table. On the contrary, whenever Ansarullah ceases its measures and waits for negotiation and peace proposals, there would be less serious proposals. In fact, they discredit the proposals and repeat their previous positions.

Saudis prevent Yemeni crisis solution                 

Haji Sadeghina underscored:” Saudis are not ready to accept Ansarullah as a part of future governance of Yemen, and that the group can remain in Yemen as a stabilized political and social power. From the other hand, they try in various cases to prevent their political and social advancement.

On the perspective of war in Yemen and status of peace agreements he said:” There is no perspective for peace and putting an end to war in short term, until and unless there are serious changes in general characteristics of political and field developments in Yemen, which seems unlikely to happen within the coming two to three months. Since the Yemeni dossier is directly connected to the national security of Saudi Arabia, it doesn’t seem likely that they will decide to withdraw from their positions. On the other side, since Ansarullah can not be given any guarantee for its future, it is not ready to withdraw.

The analyst elaborated the promises of Biden team on terminating the war in Yemen and added:” one of the most principal variants that forms the US view on Yemen dossier, is Saudis’ interests. The US will not act in a way to drive the Saudis’ interests into the shadow. Saudi Arabia is not ready to give a serious concession to Ansarullah in Yemeni dossier. In such a situation, it seems that the publicities of Biden team that we witnessed, would not lead to any result.

He added:” We recently witnessed that Biden administration has revoked Ansarullah from the list of terrorist groups. On the other hand, within the past few weeks, they boycotted the economic network linked with Ansarullah. This shows that the initiative of Biden administration is not aimed at the solution (of crisis) and to recognize Ansarullah as the representative of two third of Yemeni population, and coordinate the issue mostly with the interests of Saudi Arabia. That’s why one can’t be optimist and assured about Biden Administration’s approach to put an end to the conflict.