Speaking in an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations about the dissolution of the coalition government and the Israeli parliament following the failure to approve the annual budget within the deadline, Hassan Hanizadeh said that for the fourth time in the past two years, the order will be issued for the dissolution of the Israeli Knesset which is indicative of the prevailing differences among various parties of the Zionist regime.

Hanizadeh added: Since Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu failed to win a majority in the Knesset in the last election, there is always a close rivalry between the Blue and White Party led by Benny Gantz and the Likud Party led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Commenting on Netanyahu’s current situation from a political point of view, Hanizadeh said: Netanyahu’s status is not stable, and there have been widespread protests against Likud’s rule over the past year. The Israeli prime minister and his wife, Sarah, are being prosecuted by the Supreme Court for corruption, so Netanyahu is likely to be tried and convicted by an Israeli court if he leaves power.

The expert on the Middle East affairs believes that this is why Benjamin Netanyahu has faced serious challenges during the last three elections due to structural weakness and inability to control the coronavirus and the increase in the number of unemployed in the Occupied Territories and has been forced to ally with Israel’s extremist and religious parties.

Commenting over Benny Gantz’s approach towards recent developments, the expert said: Benny Gantz, the leader of the Blue and White Party, is using the available space to try to defeat his rival, Benjamin Netanyahu. He also plans to form a new government.

Referring to the fact that the next elections which will be the fourth in the past two years and that it seems the Blue and White chance for victory in the elections will be increased, Hanizadeh said: The approach of the political elites in the Occupied Territories is that with the defeat of Donald Trump, the US President in the recent presidential elections, and victory of the Democrat Joe Biden, changes should be made in occupied Palestine. Meanwhile, the Blue and White Party is more popular among the US Democratic Party.

Emphasizing that Joe Biden believes that Netanyahu had the support umbrella of Donald Trump, he explained: According to the US President-elect, the aggressive and coercive behaviour of Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu had created instability in the region. Therefore, it is predicted that in the next elections, the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not be able to win high seats in the Knesset and will be forced to hand over power to the Blue and White Party.

According to Hanizadeh, it should not be forgotten that Netanyahu is now trying to pretend that he attaches great importance to the health of the inhabitants of the Occupied Territories by ordering 4 million Coronavirus vaccines.

Further elaborating on Netanyahu’s measure and its impacts, he said: It is possible that Netanyahu’s policy will be somewhat effective in gaining popular support, but the occupied Palestinian people are deeply dissatisfied with Netanyahu’s performance.

He continued: As the Likud Party and its discriminatory policies have severely polarized the Jewish community and the widespread protests against the Likud Party have gone beyond the welfare and service aspects, the political dimensions of the demonstrations have become more prominent.

Hanizadeh stressed: The Likud party, led by Netanyahu, needs a fundamental overhaul of the policies of its leaders and cannot resist the will of the Jews of occupied Palestine.

As for the scenarios before occupied Palestine, Hanizadeh said: It seems that the exchange of the roles and transfer of power from the Likud Party to the Blue and White Party to be certain due to the changes that have taken place in the White House. In the future, there will be fundamental changes in the power structure of the Zionist regime. However, Netanyahu will knock at every door to win the next election and remain in power.

At the same time, it should be noted that one of Netanyahu’s political achievements is to establish relations with Arab regimes, which the Likud party is exploiting and manoeuvring on because, the establishment of relations is somewhat important for the people of occupied Palestine, and it can improve the situation of this regime to some extent, both politically and economically.