Ali Abdi, in an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, referred to the concern expressed by the Zionist regime over the 10 billion dollar agreement between Saudi Arabia and the United States to upgrade and improve all its F-15 fighter jets which can take the distance between Tabuk to Israel in 15 minutes and noted: According to the security doctrine that the Zionist regime has defined for itself and has reached a consensus with the United States, the military superiority of the Zionist regime in the region should always be maintained.

Saying that in the sale of weapons and the military services that the United States provides to the Arab countries in the region this issue is always taken into account, he further remarked: In view of the Zionist regime in the heavy military agreement that the UAE signed with the United States and the recent agreement that Saudi Arabia concluded with the US for the equipment of its F-15s this agreement has been violated and therefore it has some objections to it.

Israeli Concerns about Regime Change in Saudi Arabia

The expert on Israel’s affairs continued: The Zionist regime’s concern is not about Al-Saud; because as long as Al-Saud is present in that country, or Sisi rules over Egypt and the bin Zayed family rules over the UAE, or Al-Khalifa is in Bahrain, there is no threat from those countries to the Zionist regime. Their concern is that what happened in Iran in connection with the overthrow of the Pahlavi regime will be repeated in Saudi Arabia and that an anti-Zionist government comes to power which may practically gain access to those weapons.

Abdi said: The other part of the concerns is that in general the Zionist regime has no interest that the regional regimes, even if they are their allies, friends and strategic partners, be militarily superior and this goes back to the Zionist culture, hegemony and monopoly that is unique to them who do not tolerate this superiority.

The expert on Israel’s affairs further continued that this US measure will not change the balance of power in the region and said: it seems that Trump, due to the spirit he had, dealt businesslike in this regard, but my prediction is that “Joe Biden” will balance this deal as the Democrats are more cautious about the Zionist regime in arms deals than the Republicans, and it seems that the deal will be adjusted in Israel’s favor during the Biden presidency.

Lowering Quality of Services to Saudi Arabia to Attract Israel’s Attention

He said: Of course, this contract is still under negotiation, and the quality of the services they intend to provide is important for the new administration. This quality should be as such that it will be approved by the Zionist regime, and then the extent of equipment and renovation of Saudi Arabia should take place on that basis. Certainly, the quality level of providing these services will decrease in order to attract the attention of the Zionists.

Meanwhile, Abdi stressed that neither the Saudis nor the Emirati have the technical ability and high level of skill to use such weapons, adding that ability in using American weapons is far lower than that of the Air Force during the era of Taghut (term for the Shah). In terms of the level of technical, technology and technological capabilities, they have definitely lowered this level to the extent they can control it.

The analyst of the Zionist regime’s developments said: Unfortunately, there is no self-confidence among the Arabs of the Persian Gulf, and conversely, there is a very low self-esteem before the United States and the Zionist regime, especially in the field of technology. One of the reasons the UAE and Bahrain were inclined towards having relations with the Zionist regime and then proceeded to formalize it was their intense fascination and low self-esteem against scientific-technological advances of the Zionist regime which it claimed.

He continued: Israel has made progress in terms of science and technology, but because they are skilled in propaganda, they show it many times more. These countries had also believed it and since they have a low self-esteem towards the technological progress of the Zionist regime, they were inclined to them; therefore even if the Americans give them the necessary authority – which they certainly do not – they will not be able to stand on their own feet and lack the level of capability and self-confidence to be able to keep their own fleet working.

Regarding the process of selling weapons to Arab countries by the Americans, Abdi said: The weapon in itself is not important. What is important is the protocol under which the weapons are sold. The protocols, based on which the United States has given F-16s to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, are different from each other and are not at all comparable.

 Saudi Arabia’s Inability to Use American Weapons

He added: The equipment that the Zionist regime used to receive on F-16s was beyond the equipment that the US Air Force received on F-16s; that is to say, the F-16s that the Zionist regime received from the United States were even superior than those the US would sell to its air force. The Zionist regime was also allowed to equip those weapons with its own technology to have a higher capability.

Abdi stressed: The protocol that has been prepared is very important. The contract that has been concluded determines how the weapons should be handed over, how its parts should be delivered, how the training should organized, and how the operation should be and according to what standards the buyer country should use them.

He further explained: Sometimes those rules are completely under the control of the United States and sometimes they are completely at the disposal of the country itself; such as contracts with the Zionist regime. But the contract with the Arabs is usually defined entirely under American control; for example, Saudi Arabia can use its F-16s in the war in Yemen, but in another wars it cannot use them if the Americans do not agree. Such restrictions do not exist at all for the protocols on arms sales to the Zionist regime.