In an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Seyyed Hadi Seyyed Afghahi, referring to the disclosure of normalization of relations between the Zionist regime and Bahrain by the US President, said: Attention should be paid to the reasons, motivations and objectives of the disclosure of relations between countries in the southern shores of the Persian Gulf and the Zionist regime. Because, in this regard, both the personal objectives of Trump and Netanyahu in the elections and also regional and strategic dimensions are considered.

He noted that Trump, without the pronouncement and involvement of the Bahrainis and the Zionists, disclosed the relationship, adding that it shows that he is the director and designer of the project and perhaps he needs such an achievement more than Netanyahu. He added that they have placed their hope in the issue that such normalizations would gain success for them; therefore, these are pre-planned scenarios and it was quite predictable that Bahrain too would tow the UAE line.

Saying that Trump’s son-in-law and secretary of state were going around and travelling to those countries, the West Asian affairs expert said: The US is exerting unprecedented heavy pressure on those countries and is telling them to announce the normalization of relations with Israel because we need it and this is an order! It is not as such that although they have the ground to accept such an imposition and humiliation they will have much power of resistance because Trump had threatened them that ‘if we give up supporting you for a week, you will lose your throne.’ With such an approach and confidence, he puts pressure and becomes successful.

Afghahi, explaining the regional and strategic dimensions of this Bahraini measure, said: We were aware that some countries in the Persian Gulf region, especially Saudi Arabia, had interactions with the Zionist regime, and even now in some of these countries and before announcing normalization of the relations, the Zionist forces are present in those countries either undercover or direct forms and there are regular meetings between the officials of these countries and the authorities of the Zionist regime.

Pointing to the need to pay attention to the timing of the disclosure of normalization of the relations, he said: The Americans feel that the position of the Axis of Resistance in the region is becoming more developed and consolidated day by day and therefore they cannot contain such a strength. In their miscalculation, they thought that the terrorist operations that led to the martyrdom of Commander Soleimani might be able to shift the balance of power and deterrence in their own favour and then they could be able to exercise restraint management at the regional level and against the Axis of Resistance, but they are witnessing that in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen this issue failed to harness the balance of deterrence. They felt the threat under these circumstances.

The analyst of West Asian affairs added: Under the present circumstances, they feel a bilateral need, both from the Arab countries and from the US and the Zionist regime, to restrain the Resistance led by Iran, and in their imagination, they think that they can form an open coalition in the form of an unholy triangle comprising the US – the Zionist regime – and the countries of the southern shores of the Persian Gulf against Iran.

Referring to the remarks of the US Secretary of State who said that what was between the UAE and the Zionist regime is not normalization but an anti-Iranian coalition, he said: The Emiratis told a lie which was soon revealed and it was ‘our action is not a threat against any country!’ But Pompeo deliberately stated the purpose behind this action. Their fear of the influence and power of the Axis of Resistance, as well as their concern about losing their throne, is the objective behind these normalizations.

Normalizations a prelude to accurate implementation of ‘Deal of the Century’

Stating that the agreement will have no concessions for Bahrain, as it did not have for the UAE, Seyyed Afghahi pointed to the statements of the US officials that they had a coveted eye on the oil of Arab countries and also to the Israeli opposition to selling the F-35 system to the UAE. He said: These measures are a prelude to the accurate and thorough implementation of the ‘Deal of the Century’ plan and for the presence of the Zionist regime in the Persian Gulf in line with the containment and surrounding of the Axis of Resistance.

He further added that the Zionist experts had said that due to the high trade transactions between the UAE and Iran and bypassing the sanctions through this country, we started normalizations with the UAE in order to cut the economic artery of the two countries. He said: “According to those Israeli experts, with the weakening of Iran’s economy, the Axis of Resistance will be weakened and finally, through the creation of this coalition they can deal the final blow on Iran and the Axis. In this regard, events that are taking place in Iraq and Lebanon should be evaluated together and for the weakening of the Axis of Resistance and Iran’s influence and economic power, so that they could manage to bring the issue of Palestinian to an end with the implementation of the ‘Deal of the Century’.

Stressing that the issue of Palestine is the priority issue in the Islamic world and its enemies intend to pave the way for its elimination in order to enable the Zionist regime to take a sigh of relief and realize the idea of from the Nile to the Euphrates, the expert on West Asian affairs said certainly they cannot afford to wipe out this issue.

He also referred to the position adopted by the Arab League towards normalization of relations between the UAE and the Zionist regime and said: These treacherous and colonial mercenary countries have always been the cause of division, hypocrisy, suppression of uprisings and destruction of liberation movements. No one can deny the role of Saudi Arabia in undermining the issue of Palestine and Gamal Abdel Nasser. Dependence of those regimes on global arrogance has always caused division, insecurity and wage of war, and they have not let the region to live in peace.

Attempts to create security-military belt for economic blockade and psychological warfare

Underlining the need for vigilance on the part of the Axis of Resistance against such treacherous services towards the Zionist regime and the US military presence, as well as the Arab betrayal of the Palestinian cause, he added: They are after changing the political image of the region and strategic equations, disturb the balance of deterrence and authority. These are definitely a threat to us. They do not merely seek to establish bilateral relations but also intend to create a security-military belt for economic blockade and psychological warfare to achieve their objectives.

Referring to the wave of opposition in condemnation of normalization of relations between Bahrain and the UAE with the Zionist regime, Afghahi continued: The Axis of Resistance must move. The movement can be in the form of soft war or social movements, demonstrations and sanction of goods. If these protests are well managed and supported and are not cooled down over the passage of time and are pursued with firmness and faith in the legitimacy of the demands, dimensions of this crime and the treacherous and dangerous project against culture, history and geography of the people of this region are disclosed and it will gradually lead to capacity building, voting and civil demonstrations and riots.

He said: Today, the ambassador of the Zionist regime does not dare to show up publicly in Egypt; because people would not accept his presence. The conscience of the people is completely opposed to the influence of the Zionist regime and the United States, but we should work on these issues and talk about the serious harm and danger of this presence. The potential of the people is very high but should be well managed.