In an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Hassan Hanizadeh, referring to the agreement between the UAE and the Zionist regime to normalize relations, said: The UAE, as one of the six member states of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, has had a secret relationship with Tel Aviv for the past three years. During this time, Netanyahu and UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed exchanged visits between the UAE and Occupied Palestine twice to prepare the grounds for this relationship.

Referring to the opening of a regional office on renewable energy in the UAE with the participation of the Zionist regime in the past two years, he said: “All grounds were provided for the establishment of an explicit relationship between the UAE and this regime. Meanwhile, the UAE has long sought to build a nuclear power plant, and Trump announced that the UAE establish formal relations with the Zionist regime if it wants a nuclear power plant. Of course, on the orders of the United States, South Korea built the Al-Baraka nuclear power plant in the UAE so as not to arouse the sensitivity of the Zionist regime.”

The West Asian affairs analyst added: “In this situation, given that the ‘Deal of the Century’ scheme had failed and Trump lost all his election ballots, in the three months left until the election, he is looking for other measures.” He personally announced the agreement on establishment of ties between the UAE and the Zionist regime to use it as election campaign publicity.

Dangerous Adventure of the UAE

Emphasizing that the UAE has embarked on a dangerous adventure by announcing an agreement to establish relations with the Zionist regime, Hanizadeh explained: The presence of the Zionist regime on the southern shore of the Persian Gulf will cause insecurity in the region. Meanwhile, the UAE’s other goal is to create a possible direct confrontation between the Zionist regime and Iran and the Axis of Resistance. Of course, the UAE is the first country to make its relationship public, and it is likely to be followed by Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

He said that in the less than three months left until the US election, Trump will definitely put pressure on other GCC countries to establish open relationship with Israel. They think that they will not be able to survive with the support of the Zionist regime because they do not have an acceptable governance infrastructure.

UAE Will Be Isolated

Referring to the wave of criticism and condemnation of the UAE by some Arab states and members of the Resistance, Hanizadeh said: “They are trying to isolate this small and insignificant country by creating a current against the UAE. The UAE will not benefit much from its relationship with the Zionist regime, but will be isolated instead.

Regarding the effects of the UAE’s move on increasing Trump’s chances of winning the upcoming election, the West Asian affairs expert said: “Internally, given the power of the Zionist regime and the influence of this lobby on the US election, Trump believes that the Zionist lobby will strongly support him in the next election, and Jews in the United States will be inclined to vote for him. Of course, the announcement by Trump over the next three months that the other Persian Gulf Arab states have established formal ties with Israel will have a greater impact on this issue.”

Ensuring Zionist Lobby’s Support for Trump in Elections

He also pointed to Trump’s internal problems and numerous failures in the economic, social, health and domestic and foreign policy spheres, adding: “Trump will not be able to win an election victory from the cooperation between these Arab countries and Israel, but he thinks he has guaranteed the Zionist lobby’s support for him in the elections.”

Referring to Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s praise for the United Arab Emirates and describing the move as a historic and courageous step, Hanizadeh said: “Candidates from both parties have been competing for decades to join the Zionist lobby. In any case, the issue of the Zionist regime and its lasting security has been the red line of all presidential candidates. Biden is also trying to win this election by welcoming this action.”

As to whether this move would really be a trump card for Trump in the US election, he said everything depends on the developments of the next three months, and continued: “Inside the United States this may be a kind of political victory for Trump; But future events and the advancement of Trump’s other plans in this area and Biden’s actions will clarify the situation.”

Referring to the positions of the Palestinian leaders in criticizing the Arab League in this regard, as well as the effects of the UAE’s action as an Arab state, the West Asian affairs analyst noted: “In fact, many Arab states have open and secret relations with the Zionist regime. But experience has shown that establishing relations with Israel has not had much accomplishment for Arab sovereignty; like what happened to former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, who was killed by Islamists after signing the Camp David Accord. For their own benefit, the Americans are trying to link such reactionary regimes to Israel in some way, although it will have very bad consequences for those regimes.

Publicly the Axis of Resistance Will Be Strengthened

Referring to some of the effects of these relations, including changing the face of the region’s political and security coalitions, the formation of new movements and Islamist and protesting currents, Hanizadeh added: “Reactionary Arab regimes have little place among their nations; but some of these regimes will definitely support the UAE. However, in the popular sphere, the Axis of Resistance will be strengthened, especially since Iran’s position on this regime will attract the attention of nations. The wave of popular hatred against the UAE and any country that establishes relations with the Zionist regime under these conditions will definitely increase.

He referred to the UAE officials claim that with this action they seek to maintain the communication bridges in order to serve the Palestinian issue, and said: This action will not help the Palestinian people. They do not need an intermediary and can decide for themselves. Establishing any relationship with this regime will be to the detriment of the Palestinian people and the ideal of the Resistance.”

Suspension of West Bank Annexation Plan Is Short-Lived

Referring to the statements of the UAE leaders that with this action, the plan to annex the West Bank will be suspended, Hanizadeh called this issue short-lived and continued: “This will be in force until after the next US elections.” The suspension has been demanded by Trump, who had realized the failure of the plan and on the other hand popular protests could jeopardize American interests.”