Donald Trump, who has repeatedly criticized mail-in voting and claimed that such voting leads to fraud, recently called for a postponement of the November US presidential election; This prompted reaction from the president of the US Electoral Commission who rejected Trump’s request. “You do not have the right to change the election time. And this should not be done. We are not postponing the election.” Meantime, Sen. Bernie Sanders told the president. “The American people are sick and tired of your authoritarianism, your lies and your racism.”

On the one hand, Trump’s opposition to holding mail-in voting may be understandable, and on the other hand, it indicates his concern about possible defeat in the November 3, 2020 elections. In particular, many polls in recent months in the United States show that Trump’s chances of winning the 2020 election are lower than in the pre-corona era, as Americans are less satisfied with his performance in containing the virus crisis.

First of all, it should be noted that in the United States, elections are not held like in other parts of the world, and people are not required to go to the polls on polling day and vote in a safe and non-controversial environment. Instead, in some states, people are allowed to receive ballots a few months before the election, write their ballots on the ballot paper, and drop them in the mailbox so that the post office can deliver sealed envelopes to designated polling stations. When the election begins, November 3, the envelopes will be opened and the votes will be read out and counted. Trump and many others in the United States are concerned that fraud and irregularities will occur in this process, that votes will not be counted, ballots will be lost, ballots will be tampered with, envelopes will be opened, and ballots will be displaced. In fact, in the eyes of the US President and other opponents of the mail-in plan, there is the possibility of fraud and cheating.

Until now, this method had not been very controversial, as few people used this method, and most people were required to go to the polls in the usual way; but now, due to the spread of the coronavirus, many people prefer to stay home and post their votes without any worries for a long time. This increase in the number of applicants for mail-in voting can even change the fate of the elections.

At the same time, there is an analysis in this situation, and critics of Trump believe that he opposes this issue because political participation in the mail-in voting increases and this is not in the interests of the right-wing conservative current. In fact, it is the liberals who get the chance to win whenever participation is high.

Of course, this is the case everywhere in the world, and the Conservative vote base in all countries of the world is a specific base and they are usually task-oriented; But no matter how conservative the attitude towards liberalism, people do not consider themselves obliged to participate in elections and do not consider it a national and patriotic duty. In such an environment, if political participation increases, those who did not traditionally run in the elections will run, which would be to the detriment of conservatives and the Republicans?

This is something raised by Trump critics, but the president himself has said that he made such a request to ensure the integrity of the election. Of course, he changed his mind on Thursday and said that he was not in favor of changing the elections date, but he wanted a healthy election without fraud.

Regarding the increase in turnout under the coronavirus pandemic in favor of the liberals, it should be noted that in this situation, many voters withdraw from the elections; Because the election will take place in special circumstances, the queues will undoubtedly be longer and the waiting time will be longer in order to observe the social distance, and in such circumstances many will probably withdraw from voting or use the same mail-in election process.

Today, the debate is over the holding of e-mail elections in addition to mail-in voting. In this regard, Trump and his group will undoubtedly claim that hackers from foreign countries such as China, Russia and Iran, or even American hackers will change the outcome of the election. Therefore, they will express more opposition to this method.

Finally, it must be noted that the Democrats are also concerned about the mail-in voting, including the fact that Trump, who has already talked about fraud, will claim that the election has been rigged and make things difficult for the Democrats if he loses the election. At the same time, there may be a strong bipolar situation in American society, which is not in the interests of either the Republican or the Democrats.