Dr. Ali Bigdeli in an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, referring to Trump’s approach of pulling out from international organizations and the complete severance of the country’s relationship with the World Health Organization, said: “By studying the US Constitution, which is the smallest constitution in the world and contains 4,444 words you will feel the spirit of wealth. The authors of the American constitution have written the law on the basis that the United States is a country of the rich and believe that the United States is at the top of the world and must continue its mastership. We do not see the word “equality” in this law once, but the issue of “freedom” is mentioned.

He noted that the killing of a young black man was not important to any of the Republican or Democratic parties, adding that Trump and the Republican Party’s thinking was to look inside the United States and raise their prestige and status. Republicans and Trump are generally disgusted with any international gathering. For example, in an international council, the United States is not acceptable for the United States to sit next to Zimbabwe, and they have no choice but to attend the United Nations, as we have seen Trump address meetings and leave the session without listening to other speakers’ points of view.

Emphasizing that Trump’s selfishness has been added to this feature of the United States, the analyst said: “Americans, and especially Republicans, are seeking to provide all the spaces in the world for their supremacy. They even oppose the European Union, which is why they do not have a good relationship with Mr. Macron. Their view is the view of territorialism and they do not have a global view. Republicans in particular are following this line. Their view is internal and based on seeking American supremacy.



US Not Worried about China’s Power in International Institutions

Commenting on some analyses on China’s growing influence and power in international organizations following the withdrawal of the United States and the diminishing role of the US, Bigdeli said: In fact, unfortunately, the white race still prevails in the international community. Whether we like it or not, this is a fact. We see this humiliating view of other races in Europe as well.

“Under these circumstances, China may be a powerful country in terms of wealth, but it cannot reach a point to have the influence Western countries have,” he said, adding that the Americans are not worried about being replaced by the World Health Organization.


Trump’s Confrontation with US Restrictive Institutions

“They are looking to destroy international institutions by projecting excuses and completely cutting off relations with the World Health Organization,” he said, referring to some of the analyses that Trump is seeking for excuses because of the problems caused by corona virus in his country. This line of thinking by Trump is favored by Republican voters that there should be no institution that restricts the United States.

Regarding the international impact of such a policy, Bigdeli stressed that these measures and their continuation will certainly weaken international institutions, as the US pays the biggest share in all US international institutions. Naturally, he noted, such a process affects the power and role of these institutions.


Further Weakening of Int’l Organizations under Republicans

At the same time, he said: “These are executive orders issued by the president, and the next president may cancel them and restore the membership of the United States at the World Health Organization. However, he said, the particular bias, megalomania and self-centeredness in Trump’s personality has further boosted the struggle against international institutions.” If the Republicans come to power for another term, we will see more weakening of international organizations.