Strategic Council Online: On Thursday, the Knesset (Israeli parliament) approved the Zionist regime’s “power alternation” law, which allows Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the Likud Party, and Benny Gantz, leader of the Blue and White Party, to take over as prime minister. Accordingly, the new government will hold a swearing-in ceremony in front of the Knesset next Wednesday. According to the agreement between Gantz and Netanyahu, the latter will first be prime minister for 18 months, after which Gantz will take over for another 18 months. Of course, Gantz will be Netanyahu’s minister of war and deputy prime minister during his tenure as prime minister.

In fact, the final decision was announced by the Supreme Court of the Zionist regime regarding the new shape of the government and based on the decision, Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to form a government for 18 months, during which time Benny Gantz will create the necessary infrastructures before he takes over. Of course, he should not sabotage Netanyahu’s coalition government in the next 18 months. The decision comes as the Israeli Supreme Court has been trying over the past three years to arrest and prosecute Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife on corruption charges, but the intervention of President Donald Trump and the US ambassador to occupied Palestine has led to Netanyahu’s case to be shelved temporarily.

It should be noted that many issues related to the Zionist regime and its current policies depend on the United States, and especially on the 2020 US elections.

There are now concerns among Israeli extremists that Donald Trump may lose the presidential race and the Democratic candidate Joe Biden would win.

Meantime, if Donald Trump wins the 2020 election, Benjamin Netanyahu will certainly be able to implement plans to annex the Jewish settlements and Ghur Al Urdun in the light of the support of the US President and the Secretary of State.

However, the element of time is very important for the officials of the Zionist regime. Because the only person who can implement Israel’s development projects is Netanyahu. Maybe that’s why Netanyahu will be in charge as the prime minister in the first round (18 months) to carry out his development plans to some extent before the end of Trump’s presidency.

It should be noted that due to political immaturity, Benny Gantz is unable to implement these plans. For this reason, it seems that Gantz has agreed that Netanyahu will carry out these plans during his term as Prime Minister so that even when Gantz comes to power, all the responsibility will be taken by Netanyahu.

In fact, if Joe Biden wins, Gantz will enter Israeli politics as a new figure who apparently did not interfere much in the settlements issue and annexation of Ghur Al-Urdun and will have the support of Washington.

Regarding the issue of annexing the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, as well as the complete occupation of the Ghur Al-Urdun region, it should be borne in mind that Netanyahu is desperately seeking to implement these plans. Therefore, the religious and right-wing parties of the Zionist regime, namely the extremists, agreed to cooperate with Netanyahu’s government on the condition that he implements these plans in the future.

Netanyahu is also likely to be acquitted of corruption charges against himself and his wife if the plans become operational. Because some people in the Israeli courts are very extremist, and if Netanyahu can execute the settlement projects and annexe Ghur Al-Urdun to the Zionist regime during his 18 months of premiership they will also shelve his corruption case.

So, in general, if Trump is defeated and Joe Biden wins, the next government of the Zionist regime will be transferred to the leadership of the Blue and White Party after 18 months, and this is considered a political game within the Zionist regime. But if Trump remains president, there is a possibility that they will extend Netanyahu’s term on the pretext that his plans are unfinished.

In fact, the governments in Israel are formed based on US policies and the situation in the country. However, if Biden wins, the Zionist regime’s government will consist of left-wing parties close to Gantz, in which case Joe Biden may oppose the continuation of plans for the Deal of Century and the annexation of Ghur Al-Urdun.

Finally, for the Palestinians, who are very unhappy with Trump’s Deal of the Century and the annexation of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and have worries, Joe Biden’s victory will be better than Trump’s reelection.