In an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations: Ali Abdi said that although there were obstacles in the way of Benny Gantz, leader of the Blue and White Party for the formation of the government but as a whole the formation of this government is conceivable. He said the split and plurality that exists in his coalition front is one of the obstacles. In this coalition, on one side Lieberman is at the far end of the Right Front and on the other is the Arab Front or the Palestinian Front of 1948 led by Ayman Odeh.

He also emphasized: Such a sharp plurality will exacerbate the differences on his coalition front; nevertheless because the coalition is willing to do anything to prevent Netanyahu from coming to power again and not be able to form a government, Gantz’s introduction of a government seems easy and very likely. The fact that Reuven Rivlin, the head of the Zionist regime, has entrusted Gantz with the formation of government shows that fulfilment of this task by him is more likely than Netanyahu.

The Zionist regime studies researcher described the features of this probable government: “Although it will not differ from the Netanyahu government in its macro strategies and principles — since they are both Zionist in nature — we will certainly see some differences, including internationally because Netanyahu was a weight for himself and had extensive and deep connections to the centres of global capitalism and global Zionism, but Gantz does not have such links.

Gantz’s Weak Government Internally and Internationally

Abdi described the special relationship between Trump and Netanyahu as one of the most important and influential relationships, and continued: “Benny Gantz does not have these types of ties because in some cases he will have a weaker government both internally and internationally.” Netanyahu had gained a reputation for the past 10 years that could be described as unrivalled within the Zionist regime, for this reason, he was very powerful. Therefore, Gantz has a very difficult path ahead with many ups and downs and true that his government will not be different in macro strategies and principles but will show serious differences in practice.

Gantz’s Government Would Improve Relations with Europe

Commenting on the features of the external relations of the future Zionist government, he said, “The Gantz government will definitely move towards improving relations with Europe, unlike Netanyahu, whose relationship with the US has greatly overshadowed ties with Europe. Benny Gantz does not have the kind of special relationship Netanyahu had with the White House, the Congress, and power centres such as AIPAC within the Zionist regime and Zionist currents within the United States.

Continued Secret Relations with the Certain Arab States

Abdi said that Gantz had also raised the issue of strengthening relations with Europe in his election campaign. He added that Gantz will follow strategies such as strengthening relations with Arab states and the secret diplomacy line with Oman, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, which Netanyahu had started with Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen playing the central role. But the distinction will be that he will not put all his eggs in the US basket and will try to move forward by improving relations with Europe and putting relations with China and Russia on the agenda.

He said that Gantz has no experience in international diplomatic and political work, adding: “Netanyahu began his political career within the Zionist regime with diplomatic work and the first post he took was the Zionist regime’s envoy to the United Nations in the early 1980s and gained a lot of experience in diplomacy and international relations. But Gantz has no such experience. His only experience is in the military field and this will make him weaker than Netanyahu.

The scholar emphasized that Netanyahu brought many achievements to the Zionist regime internationally.  Boosting ties with Arab states, Latin America, Africa, China, India and Russia are credits Netanyahu has in his record. Whether Gantz can maintain and reinforce these records will depend on his personality and type of politics, as he does not yet have the diplomatic experience of Netanyahu.

At the same time, he said, despite the fact that Gantz’s coming would not make a serious difference in terms of Palestine and the Resistance; it can provide a breathing space for the Resistance front. Because Gantz has no track record of government and statesmanship, there will be a one-year opportunity for the Resistance to be organized until he gets a chance to become dominant.