Speaking in an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Mohammad Mehdi Shariatmadar said that the so-called “Deal of the Century” has nothing new but to increase the Zionist regime’s violations of the Palestinian people’s rights. Earlier, the Americans declared Beit ul-Moqaddas the capital of the Zionist regime and moved their embassy there. They also considered Golan part of the Zionist regime and cut ties with Palestine and halted aid to the UNHCR.


Official Imposition of Jerusalem as Capital City of Zionist Regime

Noting that under Trump we witnessed different hostile measures, he said: “They still want to officially make Beit ul-Moqaddas the capital of the Zionist Jewish state and give Palestinians just a few neighbourhoods around the city that have no territorial and political value,” he said.

Dimensions of Deal of the Century


Referring to the unveiling by Trump of the map of Zionist regime and Palestinian territories, the Middle East affairs expert said: “In this map with complete annexation of “Ghor Jordan” and “Bahr al-Mayyit” there is a complete distance between what is described as the West Bank in the new map and the state of Jordan where there is no territorial connection with other countries. This part which is called new West Bank by America will be handed over to the Palestinians in the form of several islands where the interval presence of security forces and Zionist settlements will fragment this section which is strategically a more complex situation.

Noting that the possibility of “land swap” and population swap was also included in the plan, he said even though parts of the 1967 border agreement, namely West Bank and Gaza Strip, which in accordance with international regulations and UN resolutions, were recognized as Palestinian territories will be given to the Zionist regime we will witness displacement of population. That is to say that parts of the lands cited in the 1948 agreement which were considered to be Zionist regime lands will be moved to the 1967 agreement regions or in other words to new Palestinians regions in order for us to witness a pure Jewish government.

Referring to the topic of disarmament, including a ban on possessing personal weapons by the highest official in the Gaza Strip and the new West Bank in the plan, Shariatmadar said: “The crucial point in this plan is the right of Palestinians to return; It has been said if the Palestinians face any problem they should solve it where they are and they cannot return to occupied Palestine.

He also said that under the plan, the Palestinians must recognize the Jewish state, along with changes on the eastern and western borders, demographic changes, the question of Quds and other issues. “This emphasis means that there is no longer any resistance. There is no room for the Palestinians to recognize these conditions.”

Referring to Trump’s statements that he evaluated the deal as a win-win plan, the Middle East expert said: “The plan has even raised the voices of supporters of a two-state solution inspired by the UN resolutions and even the protest of the UN Secretary-General. The question is on what grounds Trump has assessed the deal as a win-win for the two sides. If his yardstick is the historical rights of the Palestinian people and the unified Palestinian state, there is no such victory at all. Even with regard to UN resolutions on 1948 and 1967 border agreements, it is far less dignified.”

“If Trump says that we are building an underground tunnel to connect Gaza to the West Bank, we will donate part of Quds or invest $50 billion there what is the value of linking Gaza to West Bank under the control of the Zionist regime, while the West Bank itself is severed and its relationship with Jordan is also cut off. If the plan comes to fruition, the $50 billion pledge is another effort to milk the Persian Gulf Arab states.


Hollow Promise of Economic Development

Shariatmadar added: “While the Palestinians are under full siege and are not able to communicate with the outside world, are unable to conduct export and import operations and even do not receive fuel, medicine and food speaking about economic development and the creation of industrial and agricultural units, and things like this are absurd and sound like a joke. When the Palestinians are cut off from the outside world, these words are empty promises.


Deal of the Century Has No Advantage over the Oslo Process

He continued: “If the debate is on creating a Palestinian state the Deal of the Century plan should be considered more inferior than the “two-state plan” that we did not accept, and even lower than the Oslo Process.

Shariatmadar continued that if the Palestinian win is in the debate over the Palestinian refugees and their right to return to their motherland, this will be cancelled altogether and forever according to the new deal. Then it is not clear what Mr Trump is talking about to the Palestinian people.

Referring to the criticisms of some countries and even the President of the Palestinian Authority over the so-called Deal of the Century, the Middle East affairs expert said: “It has even sparked the protest of Mahmoud Abbas, the PA president who embraced the Oslo Process.”

Even Mahmoud Abbas, as the head of the PA who has embraced the Oslo process, has gone against all plans and has cooperated with the Zionist regime government as far as security matters, has delivered some Palestinian militants to the security apparatus and given in to pressures of the Arab states claiming to support peace and normalization of relations says this plan is a betrayal and that I am not ready to endorse this betrayal in my final years. I’d rather be a martyr than die as a traitor. He did not respond to Trump’s repeated phone calls and did not give in to even Trump’s threats.”

At the same time, referring to the news published about Abbas’s phone conversation with Saudi leaders, he said: “One has to see where these talks will ultimately lead.”


Deal of Century a Cover-up for US Regional Crisis

The regional affairs analyst said the timetable for unveiling the plan was very important, adding: “This plan aims at covering the crisis that America is experiencing in the region today.” It is also being evaluated for exploitation in the upcoming US elections and in Senate’s internal relations committee in the wake of Netanyahu’s resurgence and his stay in power.

The move comes in the wake of repeated US failures, especially after the recent Iranian attack on Ayn al-Assad military base in Iraq, which forced the Americans to censor the news and extent of the casualties, and the casualties and losses will be decided with the passage of time.

Moreover, the US conditions in the region and demonstrations by the Iraqi people demanding the withdrawal of US troops from their country and the region, even when US allies in the region, and in particular the Persian Gulf states, are unwilling to accompany the US fearing retaliatory attacks.

“In addition, given Trump’s impeachment in the Senate and the proximity of the upcoming US election and the difficult circumstances in which Trump is trying to take action to improve his status and overshadow the impeachment process, the Americans decided to expose the plan at this time.

Deal of Century Doping for Netanyahu

About the status of the Zionist regime when the Deal of the Century was unveiled, Shariatmadar said the Zionist regime is facing some issues so that even the head of “Israel Our Home” Party has said the measure at this time and before the Israeli elections and concurrent with the investigations into Netanyahu’s immunity and the status quo of the regime is considered an attempt and doping in favour of Netanyahu. As we saw, Netanyahu went to the United States and in a show, he staged there he tried to reinforce his stance.

The West Asian affairs analyst, referring to Netanyahu’s trip to Moscow, as well as Russian positions on the Deal of the Century, said Russia’s political stance in opposition to the plan was positive, adding that Russia viewed the plan contrary to previous international rules and UN resolutions. This is a good and positive political stance, but at the same time Russia and the Zionist regime have a good level of diplomatic relations; the issue of the Jews residing in Russia and their stay or migration to the occupied territories has always been one of the most effective elements in Russian politics.

Questionable Statement by Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Regarding the tactical and strategic ways ahead of Palestine and the countries associated with the Resistance, he said: “Unfortunately, the statements of the Egyptian and Saudi Foreign Ministries which welcome the Deal of the Century and urge the Palestinians to negotiate with the Americans and accept the peace plan was really questionable. At least Saudi Arabia should have used different wording for the sake of “Fahd Peace Plan” which was later known as Arab Peace Plan in order to maintain the credibility of the Fahd Peace Plan, later known as the Arab Peace Plan, which differed greatly from the current scheme.

The expert continued: “Regardless of the unfortunate positions we have seen in the peace plan and the fact that the financial costs of the Deal of the Century should be borne by the Persian Gulf Arab states since the onset of the crisis and the migration of Zionists and In spite of all the plans and wars and actions in none of these plans did the Zionist regime and their arrogant supporters succeeded to extinguish the Palestinian uprising. This is truly one of the exceptions in history that after several generations we continue to see Palestinians insist on their rights.

The Shiite authority and all the forces of the regional countries had a strong and firm stance on this issue, and, as in the past that all the traitorous plans failed and could not extinguish the fire of the Palestinian conflict, this plan too will not be able to achieve its arrogant goals, but rather will be a prelude to other victories and achievements the Resistance in the region has gained, to achieve another victory and a resistance front. In any case, the unveiling of the traitorous Deal of the Century is an opportunity for the unity and solidarity of the Islamic Ummah and the cooperation between Islamic governments in defending the rights of the Palestinian people.

Referring to the actions and criticisms made by Mahmoud Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh, the analyst called for the convergence of the Palestinian forces and emphasized on the Resistance and said: A traitor did not succeed and could not extinguish the Palestinian fire The plan will not achieve its arrogant goals but will serve as a prelude to other victories and victories that the Resistance achieved in the region. In any case, the unveiling of the traitorous plan of the century is an opportunity for the unity and unity of the Islamic Ummah and cooperation between Islamic governments in defending the rights of the Palestinian nation.

Americans Have Dreams for the Whole Region

Shariatmadar stressed: The point is not just Palestine; the Americans seem to have dreamed of the whole region, including the division of Iraq into up to seven regions. There are other changes such as what is known as the second Sykes Pico. Of course, one of the important goals of these projects is what Mr Trump said in his speech that the security of the Zionist regime is a red line for them and that the security of the United States is at the top of all US Middle East plans and policies.