Speaking in an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations on the current status of Trump’s impeachment, Dr Mahmoud Dehqan said the Democrats wanted to restrain Trump, saying it was clear from the outset that impeachment would not lead to Mr Trump’s ouster. They tried to tarnish his image in order to reduce his popularity and to distance Mr Trump from the grey vote in the next election because people in America are susceptible to lying and Trump is a master on this.

Noting that since Republicans in the Senate are in the majority, they have rejected the request of new witnesses and shortened the length of the impeachment process so they could wrap up the case quickly, he added. “Things have changed and become more complicated since Mr John Bolton’s book was published. That is, he wrote explicitly in his book that Mr Trump, knowing that his actions were unlawful, urged the President of Ukraine to investigate the abuses of Mr Joe Biden’s son, and in fact, US national interests and the US annual financial aid to Ukraine became a personal affair.

The professor, meanwhile, said: “It seems that Trump’s impeachment will not be endorsed and Trump will not be ousted, but the disgrace of this impeachment phenomenon and the description of “the first trial of the 21st century “will remain with him.

On how Democrats have benefited from the conditions created by impeachment despite some polls suggesting Trump’s popularity, Dehqan said: “Mr Trump has no place among American intellectuals. All the intellectuals, media and journalists had problems with him because of his insults against them which still continues. In the previous election, he did not win votes in large academic cities and received votes on high margins.

Impeachment Aimed to Attract More Gray Votes

“The situation has worsened at present,” he said. Academic, wealthy, and educated Americans have a serious problem with him, and all these attempts to impeach Trump aimed at stripping him of the middle-class grey vote. Although Trump has gained popularity as a result of people’s economic recovery, overall the impeachment has been aimed more at attracting grey votes and Democrats feel they have succeeded.

The US affairs analyst said that the risk of Trump’s impeachment case becoming too problematic in 2020 election was especially high if the Americans reached an agreement on Mr Sanders’ presidency it will turn into a face to face fight.


Impact on Impeachment Process by Making Crises and Distorting Accusations

The university professor also pointed to Trump’s efforts to make him less vulnerable to the impeachment, saying his team was trying to distort the allegations by acting and to influence the impeachment crisis. Every policy-maker operates under conditions that are called escalation. Like they did with the unveiling of the Deal of the Century.

“It is clear that the plan will not work, but Mr Trump wants to attract the votes of American Jews, especially since most Senators are Jewish,” he said. Mr Netanyahu, who has a lawsuit, also wants to influence last February’s vote.

Impeachment Had Profound Effect on General Public

“Mr Trump’s legal team is working and has succeeded in preventing new witnesses that Congress could summon,” Dehqan added. But overall because of the American media, especially the CNN which have problem with Mr Trump and broadcast all the meetings live the impression it has left on the general public is significant – an impact that is not tangible now but we will see it during the elections. The same thing happened to Mrs Clinton, and explaining her husband’s performance in court of impeachment was effective in defaming Ms Clinton.